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Countering Boko Haram and violent extremism is focus of DC program featured on C-SPAN

By Adam Powell | August 10, 2015 0
CCLP and the USC Center on Public Diplomacy presented a Washington DC forum on countering violent extremism with a specific focus on Boko Haram in Nigeria. The program was organized by CCLP senior fellow Adam Powell III, who also serves as president of the Public Diplomacy Council. Click here to...

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UN Under Secretary General embraces Twitter and social media, but also cites its perils

By Adam Powell | August 3, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - "It's a huge elephant in the room." That was how U.N. Under Secretary Cristina Gallach described the promise and peril of social media, in a briefing last week at the USC Washington Center. "How do we ensure that we take the maximum out of these technologies?" she asked,...

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Country music explored as a tool of U.S. diplomacy

By Adam Powell | July 7, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - It is well known that Dizzy Gillespie and Dave Brubeck toured the world as American Jazz Ambassadors, and American symphony orchestras have played throughout the world. Less well known is the role country music has played and is playing in U.S. public diplomacy. That was the focus of...

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How phone companies redline cell phone customers into digital ghettos

By Adam Powell | June 10, 2015 0
This op-ed was originally published in The Hill Why can't most inexpensive cell phones receive life-saving emergency weather alerts? Why, unlike people in the rest of the world, can't Americans listen to emergency information broadcasts on their cell phones? These are not accidents or unanticipated consequences. These are the results...

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'The Little Red Dot' turns 50: Singapore's five decades of soft power

By Adam Powell | June 2, 2015 0
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Singapore's emergence from a tiny third world island nation to a first world power - with no natural resources and a population smaller than some U.S. cities - was the topic of discussion at a CCLP forum here on Monday. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Singapore's Ambassador to the...

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CCTV America fights credibility issues, reaches audiences far beyond the U.S.

By Adam Powell | May 6, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - CCTV America must constantly battle the perception that its funders in Beijing are slanting its news broadcasts, but that may not be the case - or at least it may be an exaggeration. That was the word from Mike Walter, a news anchor at CCTV America, who spoke...

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Roots of U.S. public diplomacy in 1917 echo debates of 2015

By Adam Powell | April 10, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - 98 years ago, the United States government formally inaugurated the first American agency of public diplomacy, and it faced the same questions in 1917 during World War I that the U.S. faces in 2015 against ISIS. That agency, the Committee on Public Information (CPI) was created to counter...

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U.S. international broadcasters work to achieve credibility, and understanding, in the Middle East

By Adam Powell | March 3, 2015 0
WASHINGTON -- "Oh are you working for the CIA now?" That is how Samir Nader, State Department correspondent for Radio Sawa described his friends' reaction when he joined the U.S. radio network beamed to the Middle East. But the key to their acceptance, and their large audiences, is that they...

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New US student exchange aims to double college-level exchange students to, from Latin America

By Adam Powell | February 12, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - The newest U.S. educational exchange initiative was the focus of this month's CCLP Communications Leadership Forum here. Called "100,000 Strong in the Americas", the public-private partnership will try to nearly double the number of college students going between U.S. and Latin American colleges and universities. Citing what he...

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Americans can now listen to FM radio on their cell phone - for free

By Adam Powell | January 29, 2015 0
WASHINGTON - New software now allows millions of Americans to unlock the free FM radio receivers built into almost every smartphone sold in the US. Called NextRadio, the free app unlocks the FM receiver, enabling the phone to receive all local FM radio stations for free without using the cell...

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