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US launches new initiatives to combat Russian information "weaponization"

By Adam Powell | December 2, 2014 0
WASHINGTON - New initiatives by U.S. international broadcasting to counter Russian propaganda were the focus of this month's CCLP Washington Communication Leadership forum here yesterday. Jeffrey Trimble, Deputy Director of the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, said the innovations are in response to what he called Russia's "weaponization" of international news...

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'Journalism alone' not enough to combat ISIS media messages

By Adam Powell | October 7, 2014 0
WASHINGTON - The propaganda spread by ISIS is more powerful and sophisticated than Al Qaeda's media messages of just a few years ago.  So now, "journalism alone" is not sufficient for the U.S. to combat the Islamic state's media campaign. That was the message from two U.S. international broadcasting executives,...

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CCLP cell phone initiative discussed at Africa conference

By Adam Powell | September 9, 2014 0
GRAHAMSTOWN, South Africa - A CCLP initiative to define minimum capabilities of cell phone handsets for health care, public safety and other public services was a focus of discussion at a forum here at Rhodes University on Sunday. "What a good question!" said Daudi Khamadi Were, Innovation Coordinator at Making...

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U.S. in Africa: Playing Catchup to China

By Adam Powell | August 5, 2014 0
WASHINGTON - On the eve of the historic US-Africa Summit here, America's number one objective on the African continent is to start closing the gap with China. That was the message from all three speakers at Monday's CCLP Communication Leadership lunch just a few blocks from the State Department. "There...

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Is the US losing the propaganda war with Russia?

By Adam Powell | June 2, 2014 2
WASHINGTON -- Moscow's propaganda machine has vastly outmatched the U.S., according to speakers here today at the June CCLP Washington Communication Leadership forum. "Russia has spent the past twenty years building up," said William Stevens, Director of the Ukraine Communications Task Force at the U.S. State Department, while Washington spent...

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Author urges U.S. public diplomacy to include debates about media content standards

By Adam Powell | May 5, 2014 0
WASHINGTON - What is good for U.S. media businesses but bad for American diplomacy? That is the question posed at today's CCLP Washington forum by Martha Bayles, author of "Through a Screen Darkly: Popular Culture, Public Diplomacy, and America's Image Abroad". Author Martha Bayles with Pubic Diplomacy Council president Don...

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Cell phones used as medical instruments in Africa, Asia; US may change regulatory policy

By Adam Powell | April 14, 2014 1
Cell phones are being used as medical instruments in underdeveloped nations, extending highly cost-effective health care to underserved villages and rural areas. A team led by Daniel Fletcher, a Bioengineering Professor at the University of California at Berkeley has developed inexpensive conversions of cell phones into medical instruments, using clip-on...

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US initiative for 50,000 African leaders detailed at CCLP forum

By Adam Powell | April 8, 2014 0
WASHINGTON - 50,000 young African leaders have responded to a new Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). The YALI program was the focus of Monday's CCLP lunch forum here, featuring the people who will be managing the program. Left: Britta Bjornlund, Branch Chief, Study of the U.S. Branch Bureau of Educational...

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Cell phones combat agricultural pests in Asia

By Adam Powell | March 10, 2014 0
SINGAPORE - Ordinary cell phones have emerged as a tool to combat agricultural pests. Using the mPest Insect Sound Android mobile application, farmers take their cell phones into the field to pick up sounds of insects on their land. The sounds are analyzed to detect which insects are present; if...

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Al Jazeera America anchor: We never hear from Qatar

By Adam Powell | February 5, 2014 1
WASHINGTON -- We never hear from Doha. That was the assertion by Joie Chen, Washington anchor for Al Jazeera America at Monday's CCLP Washington Communication Leadership forum. "I have never been to Doha," she said, "and I haven't heard from anyone in Doha." Rejecting criticism that Al Jazeera America is...

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