The Center on Communication Leadership & Policy is dedicated to educating new generations of communication leaders. Among the undergraduate programs taught by CCLP fellows and staff are:

The Communication Leadership Scholars
The 2010-2011 Communication Leadership Scholars were an elite group of undergraduate students showing academic excellence, demonstrated leadership skills, and a commitment to issues related to the media industry and the worlds of journalism and communication. Communication Leadership Scholars organized and planned leadership activities and workshops throughout the academic year, including various research projects and events to develop their leadership skills and gain experience in problem solving, decision making, and working as part of a team.

Minor in Photography and Social Change
This new minor is an outgrowth of CCLP's Institute for Photographic Empowerment and a micro-seminar created and taught by CCLP director Geoffrey Cowan and USC Annenberg adjunct professor Jim Hubbard on How User-Generated Photography Can Change the World. For more information on the minor, click here


JOUR 190: Introduction to Journalism
CCLP director Geoffrey Cowan teaches freshmen this pivotal course in the USC Annenberg journalism curriculum.

COMM 371: Censorship and the Law
In Spring 2009, CCLP director Geoffrey Cowan taught this upper-level undergraduate course on the role and responsibilities of leaders, artists, activists and reporters in the digital age.

JOUR 459: Fact & Fiction: From Journalism to the Docudrama
In Spring 2010, CCLP director Geoffrey Cowan taught an interdisciplinary course that examined the legal, ethical and artistic issues in the representation - and misrepresentation - of fact in art, fiction, non-fiction, journalism, theater, and film.


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