The Center on Communication Leadership & Policy is dedicated to educating new generations of communication leaders. USC undergraduate programs taught by CCLP fellows and staff in the Fall 2015 semester included:

Communication and Journalism 100: The Changing World of Communication and Journalism (Geoffrey Cowan with Annenberg Dean Ernest J. Wilson III)

Survey of major themes in media and communication; exploring what it means to be a professional in the fields of communication, journalism, and public relations.

Journalism 458: Public Relations in Politics and Political Campaigns (Dan Schnur)

Application of public relations principles to the context of political campaigns; emphasis on message development and delivery; relationship between candidate, news media, and electorate.

Political Science 325: State Politics (Dan Schnur)

American state politics from a comparative perspective. Examines political processes, differing policy outcomes and the impact of social change on system performance. Can California fix itself?

Political Science 439: Critical Issues in American Politics: Campaign Strategy & Elections (Dan Schnur)

Intensive examination of critical issues of particular interest in the field of American politics.

Journalism 435: Writing Magazine Non-Fiction (Richard Reeves)

A seminar in “how to” interview, research, write — and place — professional-quality articles for a full range of magazines/newspapers including women’s, sports, ethnic, local and national.

Journalism 400: Interpretive Writing (Richard Reeves)

Weekly assignments in the shorter forms of newspaper and magazine writing: essays, reviews, editorials, opinion-page articles, profiles; analyses of major 20th century journalists.

Journalism 431: Feature Writing (Richard Reeves)

Techniques of writing newspaper feature stories, including the profile, the light feature, the news feature, the in-depth story; the art of narrative writing.

Journalism 477: Web Analytics for News and Nonprofit Organizations (Dana Chinn)

Introduction to using web traffic and other audience behavior data to manage websites and social media for news and nonprofit organizations.

Communication 201: Rhetoric and the Public Sphere (Gordon Stables)

Humanistic approaches to inquiry in communication; qualitative research techniques; core theories of message production and reception in social, political, and mediated contexts.

Communication 400: Seminar in Communication (Philip Seib)

Advanced readings in communication theory and research (broadly defined); specialized interest areas of individual faculty on the frontiers of knowledge; seminar topics change each semester.

Journalism 202: Print Newswriting (Roberto Suro)

Introduction to basic skills of print newswriting, news judgment, construction of print news stories. Social responsibility and ethical framework for print journalists.

Journalism 483: Negotiating and Reporting Global Change (Roberto Suro)

In-depth multimedia reporting on social, economic and political processes of global impact; combining intense fieldwork and specialized background knowledge.

Communication 494: Research Practicum (Stacy Smith)

Students gain research experience in the design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of communication research. Students serve as research assistants to faculty members.