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Breitbart, Fleischman, Wilcox and Breiter on Republican Primaries and the News Media

In the latest of a series of panels on the Road to the White House 2012: Politics, Media & Technology, the CCLP hosted a conversation between several prominent conservatives on the topic of the Republican Primaries and the News Media. The panelists included Andrew Breitbart, founder and publisher of Breitbart.com, BigG ...

Cowan and Schnur: Partisan cooperation will be the key to Obama's success in the coming year

Just weeks after the tragedy in Tucson, President Obama used his annual State of the Union address to urge the nation to move past divisive political debates and work together to confront the nation's problems. "What comes of this moment," Obama explained to an audience of legislators, who eschewed the traditional part ...

Reeves: Republicans still hold true to Reagan ideals

In conjunction with the upcoming Ronald Reagan Centennial Academic Symposium, CCLP is set to release a new white paper by Senior Fellow Richard Reeves on the construction of Ronald Reagan's legacy. Reeves argues that the Great Communicator's mark on American politics is still being felt today, as Reagan remains the "nu ...

Glickman - ABC News - Gov't Gridlock

Senior Fellow Dan Glickman spoke with ABC News regarding the recent midterm election. Glickman is also a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and a former senator of Kansas. He told ABC that despite the state of the country, in order to move forward "ultimately, that takes leadership from the President and Co ...

Bridging the Political Divide in the 2008 Election - September 2, 2008: Republican National Convention

Republican National Convention, St. Paul, Minn. September 2, 2008 Catalina Camia, Nina Easton, Mark McKinnon, Roger Simon, Geoffrey Cowan, Jim VandeHei...

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