Ev Boyle

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.jpgEv Boyle is a Global Fellow and the special assistant to Geoffrey Cowan, the Director of the Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. He supports Cowan and Research Director Mark Latonero with reports and conferences, and in coordinating research across the center.

He holds an MSc in Global Communication from the London School of Economics, and completed his undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied political communications, journalism, and the evolving role of media in society at the (other) Annenberg School for Communication.

Previously, he was a co-founder of two web technology start-ups in New York City, and a freelance producer of short documentaries for Current TV. More recently, he was a research assistant studying WikiLeaks at POLIS, the media and society think tank at the London School of Economics. Prior to his roles in start-ups and academia, Ev worked for the Washington, D.C.-based Democracy Alliance, where he developed investment strategies for building non-profit infrastructure.

In his free time he enjoys road trips, snowboarding, and surfing both waves and the web.

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