Danielle Balderas

Research Fellow

Danielle Balderas just received her Master’s in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied women’s and gender history, politics, and social movements. She has previously worked in journalism and photography, and produced a documentary photography project on Hispanic immigrants in Durham, North Carolina. Before going to graduate school Danielle worked as a journalist at Independent Voter Network covering the 2014 elections.

During her time at UNC Danielle wrote a master’s thesis on conservatism and women’s studies entitled Making Trouble in Women’s Studies. She enjoyed collecting oral histories of feminist activists and making her podcast debut at the Southern Oral History Program on the Equal Rights Amendment. Danielle was thrilled to have the opportunity to teach courses on Gender and the Law and LGBT Histories. A lifelong Californian, Danielle is excited to be back on the West Coast where she hopes to continue collecting oral histories on women and politics in her spare time.

Danielle can be reached at (213) 740-9683 or dbaldera@usc.edu.