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Broadband Physical Infrastructure

The stimulus bill includes a “historic” provision to expand broadband internet access

Emily Stewart / Vox / Dec. 23

Nashville Bombing Suspect Anthony Wagner Died in Explosion, Police Say

Ian Lovett and Drew FitzGerald / The Wall Street Journal / Dec. 27

The Week in Business: The Bitter End

Charlotte Cowles / New York Times / Dec. 27


Broadband Connectivity

Innovative Options to Connect All Students to Online Learning

New America

Thankfully, The Stimulus Package Includes Broadband Funds

Robert Seamans / Forbes / Dec. 21 Links America’s Digital Divide, One Internet Connection At A Time

Frederick Daso / Forbes / Dec. 21

NSW Telco Authority refreshes 10-year telco plan for emergency services

Aimee Chanthadaong / ZDNet / Dec. 22

5G and broadband rollout plans are going to repeat the mistakes of the past

Daphne Leprince-Ringuet / ZDNet / Dec. 23

5G: What Can We Expect For Next Year?

Tom Taulli / Forbes / Dec. 26

Anthony Quinn Warner identified as Nashville bomber

Hollie Silverman and Dakin Andone / CNN / Dec. 27

Trump signs stimulus bill ahead of government shutdown, releasing checks and aid

Marguerite Reardon and Corinne Reichert / CNET / Dec. 27


Broadband Affordability

New COVID Bill Includes Billions To Shore Up Broadband Access. But…

Karl Bode / TechDirt / Dec. 21

Broadband Funding, Policies May Change in a Biden White House

Jed Pressgrove / GovTech / Dec. 21

Twitter takes on vaccine rollout

Alexandra S. Levine / Politico / Dec. 21

Millions of low-income Americans will receive Internet access rebates under new $7 billion broadband stimulus plan

Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Dec. 22

The mammoth covid-19 relief and spending bill: What’s in it for the DMV? 

Meagan Flynn / The Washington Post / Dec. 22


Broadband Services

US relief package provides $7 billion for broadband

Makena Kelly / The Verge / Dec. 21

Education Secretary’s First Task: Curb Standardized Tests

Andrea Gabor / Bloomberg / Dec. 23

Congress approves $7 billion for aid on internet bills and efforts to close the digital divide, as part of the larger COVID-19 stimulus package

Isabella Jibilian / Business Insider / Dec. 23

Zoomification of society: Tech’s influence (and necessity) was impossible to ignore in 2020

David Ingram / NBC News / Dec. 26

The Latest: Driver charged after truck stopped in Tennessee

The Associated Press / ABC News / Dec. 27


Disparities in Online Learning

Pandemic shakes academic standards

Esther Eaton / World News Group / Dec. 23


Digital Divide

Congress approves billions more in Covid relief for schools and colleges

John Fensterwald / EdSource / Dec. 21

The ultimate online misinformation test: Covid vaccines

Alexanda S. Levine / Politico / Dec. 22

The power of value 4.0 for industrial internet of things

Florian Beil / MIT Technology Review / Dec. 22

D.C. region leaders pitch plan to build stronger post-pandemic economy

Michael Brice-Saddler / Washington Post / Dec. 23

A dangerous new strain of anti-vaxxer

Alexandra S. Levine / Politico / Dec. 23

Rebuilding America’s schools: The new secretary of education will need to prioritize both access and breadth of skills

Elias Blinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek / Brookings Institute / Dec. 23

Covid-19 Propelled Businesses Into the Future. Ready or Not.

Greg Ip / The Wall Street Journal / Dec. 26

Forget the conspiracy theories — here are the real election security lessons of 2020

Eric Geller / Politico / Dec. 27