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Broadband Physical Infrastructure

Texas outages shed light on a different kind of infrastructure: Human

Dan Treglia and Jessica Meyerson / The Hill / Feb. 25

The best ways to find free Wi-Fi if you can’t connect at home

Ashlee Tilford / CNET / Feb. 25

Broadband Connectivity

Three Changes That Will Make Rural 5G Access A Reality. The Dream Of A Workforce Empowered To Thrive No Matter Where It Lives

Cyra Richardson / Forbes / Feb. 22

Rural America needs internet access

Dan Glickman / The Hill / Feb. 23

States couldn’t afford to wait for the FCC’s broadband maps to improve. So they didn’t

Shara Tibken / CNET / Feb. 23

How coronavirus stimulus funds helped one state create a ‘broadband miracle’

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / Feb. 25

What’s New in Civic Tech: Sweeping COVID-19 Data Platform

Zack Quaintance / GovTech / Feb. 25

Democrats hesitant to raise taxes amid pandemic

Alexander Bolton / The Hill / Feb. 25

Seniors Seeking Vaccines Have a Problem: They Can’t Use the Internet

Kellen Browning / New York Times / Feb. 28


Broadband Affordability

Ohio State Lawmakers Prioritize Bridging Digital Divide

Jim Provance / GovTech / Feb. 22

West Virginia’s Bipartisan Approach to Closing the Digital Divide

Pew Charitable Trust / Feb. 24

Millions of low-income Americans to get up to $50 subsidies for their monthly Internet bills under newly finalized U.S. program

Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Feb. 26


Broadband Services

What’s A Good Internet Speed For Your Growing Digital Needs?

Dave Johnson / Forbes / Feb. 22

New York Utility Lands $7.4M FCC Grant to Expand Broadband

Greg Klein / GovTech / Feb. 23

California Wins Court Victory for Its Net Neutrality Law

Cecilia Kang / New York Times / Feb. 23

How to build more equitable vaccine distribution technology

Laura Moy and Yael Cannon / Brookings Institute / Feb. 23

Broadband Monopolies Lose Fight Against California Over Net Neutrality

Karl Bode / Vice / Feb. 24

Column: Internet providers put hypocrisy on full display in challenging net neutrality

David Lazarus / Los Angeles Times / Feb. 25


Disparities in Online Learning

Parents are holding kids back in school amid COVID-19: How to help them catch up

Katie Kindelan and Nicole Pelletiere / ABC News / Feb. 23

How schools plan to close the pandemic education gap

Chelsea Sheasley / MIT Review / Feb. 24

Column: Of course, Californians misused vaccine codes. The system is designed for cheating

Erika D. Smith / Los Angeles Times / Feb. 24


Digital Divide

Biden targets diverse groups with vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19 funds

Bo Erickson / CBS News / Feb. 22

Tales from the Hallway: What My Search for a Good Wi-Fi Signal Taught Me About Learning and the Value of Listening to My Neighbors

Ilana Drake / The 74 Million / Feb. 22

South LA Community Clinic takes steps to improve racial inequities in vaccine distribution

Denise Dador / ABC7 / Feb. 23

Washington taps pastors to overcome racial divide on vaccine

Ashraf Khalil and Hilary Powell / The Washington Post / Feb. 23

Black Americans are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Here’s how to make the vaccine rollout more equitable

Bhaskar Chakravorti / CNN / Feb. 23

Biden targets diverse groups with vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19 funds

Bo Erickson / CBS News / Feb. 23

We need to address the electric vehicle charging divide now, not as an afterthought

Rep. Yvette Clarke / The Hill / Feb. 24

Some parts of remote living are here to stay 

Sandy Ong / MIT Review / Feb. 24

F.C.C. Approves a $50 Monthly High-Speed Internet Subsidy

Cecilia Kang / New York Times / Feb. 25

Millions of students with limited broadband access at risk of falling behind amid COVID-19

John Kang and Frank Carlson / PBS / Feb. 25

Business groups rally around green infrastructure plans

Alex Gangitano / The Hill / Feb. 25

Standardized tests are back; they’ll feel different and many students won’t take them

Erin Richards and Alia Wong / USA Today / Feb. 25