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Broadband Connectivity

Connecticut Gov. Introduces Internet-for-All Legislation

Amanda Blanco / GovTech / Jan. 27

Which CARES Act-Funded Technologies Best Support Underserved Remote Learners?

Chris Hayhurst / EdTech / Jan. 28

Untethered Broadband, Enhanced Professional Development and Other Major Ed Tech Trends for 2021

Eric Cunningham / EdTech Magazine / Jan. 29

Affordable broadband is finally within reach

Harin Contractor and Christopher Ali / The Hill / Jan. 30


Broadband Affordability

Maryland lawmakers look to plug in disconnected residents

Jack Hogan / The Washington Post / Jan. 28

State lawmakers look to plug-in disconnected Marylanders

Jack Hogan / The Washington Post / Jan. 30


Broadband Services

Cable TV, Internet Costs Set to Rise for Many in 2021

Tim Grant / GovTech / Jan. 25

Preparing For The Post-Pandemic New Normal In 2021

Eugene Xiong / Forbes / Jan. 25

Internet and phone services in rural Texas threatened as state slashes subsidies for providers

Neelam Bohra / Texas Tribune / Jan. 25

2 in 5 U.S. seniors lack sufficient broadband

Ina Fried / Axios / Jan. 27

Pressure builds on Biden, Democrats to revive net neutrality rules

Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Jan. 27

These Teenagers Are Taking On Comcast To Demand Faster Speeds For Remote Learning

Caroline O’Donovan / BuzzFeed News / Jan. 28

To vaccinate America, close the digital divide

Ranit Mishori / The Hill / Jan. 28

Comcast’s Profit Rises on Broadband-Business Strength

Lillian Rizzo / Wall Street Journal


Disparities in Online Learning

How the 3 Diallo Sisters Were Finally Able to Connect to Their Classes

Andy Newman / New York Times / Jan. 25 

Critics of San Diego superintendent call on Biden to rescind her nomination to Education post

Kristen Taketa / LA Times / Jan. 25

A Most Overlooked Population of Students

Jacob P. Gross / Inside Higher Ed / Jan. 25

Teens of Color Abroad Addresses Racial, Economic Disparity in Study Abroad

Shriya Bhattacharya / Teen Vogue / Jan. 26

The Economic Effects of COVID on US Hispanics: The Indicator from Planet Money 

Cardiff Garcia / NPR / Jan. 26

Community College Enrollment Plunges During COVID-19 Pandemic

Karina Piser / Teen Vogue / Jan. 27

Work From Home Has the Power to Advance Equality—or Set It Back

Rebecca Greenfield / Bloomberg / Jan. 27

COVID Changed Schools Forever. Here’s What’s Good About That.

Kate Rope / Romper / Jan. 29


Digital Divide

How Datacasting Can Help Bridge the Digital Divide

Julie Boyland / EdTech Magazine / Jan. 26

Are you part of the digital divide?

Tara D. Sonenshine / The Hill / Jan. 27

A big hurdle for older Americans trying to get vaccinated: Using the internet

Rebecca Heilweil / Vox / Jan. 27

Nonprofit offers free internet access to help close digital divide for South LA students

Marc Cota-Robles / ABC7 / Jan. 28

Governors on Tech: Broadband and Telehealth Top the 2021 Agenda

GT Editorial Staff / GovTech / Jan. 29