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Broadband Connectivity

We have to close the digital divide. That means internet access for everyone

Derrick Johnson and Geoffrey Starks / CNN / Mar. 9

What is the digital divide?

Natasha Pinon / Mashable / Mar. 9

Cities and Counties Help Students Learn Online with Computers, Broadband Access

Adam Stone / StarTech / Mar. 10

It’s time to address disparities in internet access, says USC’s Martha Escutia

Ron Mackovich / USC News / Mar. 10

Ed Tech Advocates Praise Expansion of E-Rate Funding

Brandon Paykamian / GovTech / Mar. 12

Newsela Raises $100M for Digital-First Education Materials

Andrew Westrope / GovTech / Mar. 12

Broadband’s $7 billion Band-Aid

Margaret Harding McGill / Axios / Mar. 12

How to help slash your community’s digital divide in education

Siobhan Neela-Stock / Mashable / Mar. 12


Broadband Affordability

Millions of Texans still don’t have broadband access. Some lawmakers are trying to change that.

Juan Pablo Garnham / Texas Tribune / Mar. 8

Cross-Sector Initiative Looks to Boost Internet in Ohio

Dean Narciso / GovTech / Mar. 10

Officials discuss proposals for fixing deep disparities in education digital divide

Jonnette Oakes / The Hill / Mar. 10

FCC to Provide Internet, Discounts for Low-Income Households

Todd Wetherington / GovTech / Mar. 11

Broadband Discounts to Help Keep Users Connected in Pandemic

Katherine Hafner / GovTech / Mar. 12


Broadband Services

New $1.9 Million Grant Expands Broadband in Rural Tennessee

Heather Mullinix / GovTech / Mar. 9

Then and now: 10 before and after photos that show how COVID has changed everyday life in America

Dustin Barnes / USA Today / Mar. 10

Coronavirus relief measure could net you $50 toward your broadband bill, help erase the digital divide

Mike Snider / USA Today / Mar. 11

New Hampshire Town Backs Broadband Expansion Efforts

Caleb Symons / GovTech / Mar. 12

Our pandemic year: When IRL went online

Matt Pearce / Los Angeles Times / Mar. 12


Disparities in Online Learning

Is Virtual Learning Preparing Students for Telework?

Brandon Paykamian / GovTech / Mar. 11


Digital Divide

LA schools superintendent remembers the COVID “tipping point”

Oriana Gonzalez / Axios / Mar. 9

Higher Education’s New Digital Divide: The Key Podcast

Doug Lederman / Inside Higher Ed / Mar. 10

Broadband: Bringing Our Children Out of the Cold

Kim Keenan / Diverse Education / Mar. 10

Cisco’s Digital Acceleration Program Helps T0 Close The Digital Divide

Meghan McCormick / Forbes / Mar. 11

As the web turns 32, one third of young people still don’t have internet access

Katie Collins / CNET / Mar. 11

Democrats push $94 billion broadband bill to end digital divide

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / Mar. 12


Broadband Physical Infrastructure

California could get $150B from federal virus relief bill

Adam Beam / The Associated Press / Mar. 11

House, Senate Democrats unveil $94 billion bill to improve Internet access

Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Mar. 11

The Cybersecurity 202: Democrats’ new infrastructure bill highlights cybersecurity concerns

Tonya Riley / The Washington Post / Mar. 12

5 Ways to Support Lower-Income Remote Learners

Suchi Rudra / EdTech Magazine / Mar. 12

The limits of Biden’s American exceptionalism

Ishaan Tharoor / The Washington Post / Mar. 14