Liz Krane

Web & IT Coordinator

Liz Krane was the web and IT coordinator for CCLP from winter 2013 to fall 2015. She managed CCLP’s blog, newsletters, and social media, assisted with research and event planning, and did graphic design and web development for CCLP’s special projects. She also assisted with programs and research for the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands.

After graduating magna cum laude from USC Annenberg, she worked as a web developer and technical consultant for USC’s Mobile News Incubator Fellowship, an interdisciplinary program that explored how communication technology could help local nonprofits to better engage with their communities.

Liz currently works as a freelance writer and web developer, exploring the many intersections between technology, journalism, and education. She is also the founder of Learn to Code LA, a community organization dedicated to teaching computer science and promoting diversity in technical fields.