María J. Vázquez

Research Associate

María J. VázquezMaría J. Vázquez is a Research Associate at the Center on Communication Leadership & Policy and a PhD candidate (ABD) from the University of Navarra in Spain. She has been granted the FPU fellowship from the Spanish government to complete her doctoral studies and obtained her bachelor degree in communication at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay.

At the CCLP, Marí a is working with the executive in residence Jeffrey Klein on the future of media and new business models for journalism. In Spain, Marí a works at the Media Management and Media Economics department for the School of Communication at the University of Navarra. She has also lectured on business journalism and media management in Spain and Uruguay. Marí a presented at the European Media Management Association and The World Media Economics conferences.

Prior to her PhD studies, she worked for three years as a strategic planner at LOWE, the global advertising agency network, and also as an online journalist for El Observador in Uruguay.

Follow Marí a on Twitter @vazmajo