The Constitution and the Press

In a democratic society, an inevitable tension persists between the need of the government to protect secrets in the name of national security, and the right of the press to print all but the most dangerous of those secrets, particularly when the claim of “secrecy” is used to cover up politically damaging government decisions. This CCLP initiative focuses on the government’s relationship to the press and the citizenry’s right to information.


Top Secret: The Battle For The Pentagon Papers

More information about the Top Secret play can be found here.


The Project on Presidential Primaries: Roadmap to Nomination 2016

This is a crowd-sourced Google Doc detailing the delegate selection rules for the 2016 primaries and caucuses by state, party, type, voter participation, election dates, and more. Most Americans — and even many candidates and party insiders — still have only a vague idea of how delegates are chosen in presidential caucuses and primaries. The rules vary dramatically by state and party and change from election to election. The Project on Presidential Primaries is a crowd-sourced resource to help illuminate the system of presidential primaries in the United States.