Professors Latonero and Sinnreich discuss growing trends in digital culture at ICA-London

Individuals are increasingly using digital tools to reshape their cultural world according to a recent survey sponsored by the Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy. Dr. Mark Latonero and Dr. Aram Sinnreich (Rutgers University) presented their findings, soon to be published in the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, at the International Communication Association's 63rd Annual Conference, "Challenging Communication Research," in London on June 19, 2013 as part of a panel on copyright and digital privacy. Professor Latonero joined more than 70 other representatives from USC Annenberg at the conference….

Latonero and Sinnreich present "configurable" culture research at ICA conference

On May 26, Research Director Mark Latonero and Professor Aram Sinnreich (Rutgers University) presented "Nowadays It's Like Remix World": The Hidden Demography of New Media Ethics at the International Communication Association conference in Phoenix, AZ. The paper was a part of the panel "Participatory, Promotional Cultures: 'Sharing' and Self-Representation in the Contemporary Media Moment." CCLP funded this project as a part of its Technology & Social Change initiative. The paper examines the explosion of new "configurable" cultural forms and practices, such as mashups, remixes and machinima, enabled by rapidly changing global digital network technologies. While these new cultural forms, which…