End Trafficking Symposium highlights CCLP’s Technology & Human Trafficking initiative.

On May 1-2, 2013, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Advisory Council on Child Trafficking (ACCT) and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women will host a symposium to address the needs of victims of child sex trafficking. Research director Mark Latonero will highlight USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership & Policies spearheading research initiative on Technology & Trafficking starting at 2:25 pm Eastern Time/11:15 am Pacific Time. Watch the live webcast on the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health website by clicking here….

Public Media Futures forum acknowledges the challenge of online content management

On September 20, 2012 the USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership & Policy, in partnership with the American University School of Communication and Current.org presented the fourth installment of Public Media Futures forum at Bloomberg's offices in San Francisco, CA. The fourth installment of Public Media Future's highlighted news content innovation and social media collaborate facilitation within the public broadcasting sector. Watch the forum below:…

WATCH: DNC, Charlotte, NC –Top journalists and digital campaign strategists discuss election 2.0 and Clint Eastwood’s speech going viral

Following our successful panel at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the USC Center on Communication Leadership and Policy (CCLP) continued their convention programming this week at the Democratic National Convention. The event was held at the Bloomberg link in Charlotte, NC in partnership with Harvard IOP and Bloomberg LP….

CCLP, Bloomberg and Harvard convene journalists and political strategists for candid conversations at national conventions

LIVE WEBCAST: Top journalists and political strategists will offer straightforward assessments of the campaigns and the press and explore the role of media has in shaping the national political discourse at public events during the national political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte….

Schell in Bloomberg – Hu Jintao

"It's not that the relationship is terrible," said Orville Schell, CCLP Senior Fellow. "It's that it has a funny way of declining in between the re- declaration of vows that goes on at each presidential meeting." Schell was referring to the recent meeting of President Barrack Obama and Chinese leader Hu Jintao in an article published on Bloomberg News….

Waiting for Another Watergate

What is the most powerful political operation in the country in this 21st century? It's the United States Supreme Court. The men and women in black are on their way to deciding their second national election in just the first decade of the century. In the year 2000, the justices stopped the counting of votes in the presidential election. This year they tilted (or mutilated) congressional elections by ruling – in the case called Citizens United – that corporations are people, only more so. What they ruled was that corporations (and unions) or groups they sponsor have the right to…

Chernin shares details of Comcast plans to acquire NBC Universal

It would be better for NBC Universal to be owned by a media and entertainment company like Comcast than by a conglomerate like General Electric, says media executive Peter Chernin. He was the featured guest Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 at the annual Communication Leadership CEO Series, presented by CCLP in partnership with USC's Marshall School of Business and USC Spectrum. Chernin has been advising Comcast in its planned acquisition of NBC Universal. He did not receive compensation for his role in the talks other than a charitable donation made by Comcast to Malaria No More, a global health organization that…