African mobile technology services developed for news and empowerment: Universal access

"No Internet needed." Those three words are seen more and more often promoting new mobile phone applications in Africa, where the newest apps are more likely than not to be free, to run on cheap low-end phones, and to function even without Internet access. In Africa, you can also use your cell phone to listen to "radio" programs from sources ranging from broadcasters to public service providers – and again without Internet access….

Panelists find progress in free flow of information worldwide

WASHINGTON – Speakers at a CCLP forum at the Newseum provided mostly positive assessments of worldwide freedom of information. Vint Cerf, widely described as "father of the Internet," said the combination of the Internet with mobile telephones has extended freedom of information to billions of people worldwide. If there is a better technology, he added, he doesn't know about it – or he would be investing in it. Cerf, who serves as Google's vice president and chief Internet evangelist (yes, that's his official title), did express a concern. Governments and politicians keep trying to control the Internet, just as governments…