Trained Incapacity: The Rise of Specialized Master’s Degrees

This blog first appeared on the Bloomberg Businessweek website. "Generalist species is able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and can make use of a variety of different resources. A specialist species can only survive in a narrow range of environmental conditions." – Warren Bennis When I was president of the University of Cincinnati in the 1970s, the dean of the medical school poignantly remarked that the only generalist he could find at the hospital or in the faculty was the patient. That irony has come to mind frequently in the past year or so when I…

Board member Thomas Nides appointed to State Department

The Center on Communication Leadership & Policy is proud to announce that a member of its board, Thomas Nides, has been appointed by President Barack Obama to a senior post in the US State Department. Beginning on December 30, 2010, Nides takes on a new role as Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources under Sec. Hilary Clinton. The State Department announced Nides' position in their first briefing of the new year….