Taipei’s free municipal wi-fi provides real-time data for cell phones, computers and even TV sets

Taiwan's capital city, Taipei, has launched a free municipal wi-fi network, which provides cell phones, personal computers, video game consoles and even television sets with everything from typhoon alerts to store coupons….

Alhurra marks ninth anniversary with plunge into mobile apps

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government's international TV broadcaster in the Middle East, Alhurra, celebrates its ninth anniversary on the air on Thursday with new initiatives to reach mobile devices. First up, will be a new Alhurra app for Android-powered cell phones, according to Brian T. Conniff, President of Middle East Broadcasting, Alhurra's parent company….

Millions of Africans use cell phones for health news and information

WASHINGTON – Millions of Africans now receive critical health information on their cell phones, according to speakers at a CCLP forum here yesterday, with the Voice of America alone reaching tens of millions of Africans a week. "VOA's African Health Network is a multimedia initiative in thirteen languages that reaches 50 million people a week," said Nancy Coviello, the AHN's Project Manager. "Literally no one else is doing this – not the BBC, Deutsche Welle, not anyone that we can find."…

Public-private partnerships drive mobile phone innovation in Taiwan

TAIPEI–Innovations in mobile phone applications here are driven and enabled by public-private partnerships at the national and local levels. At the national level, the government embarked on an eTaiwan initiative ten years ago, which evolved in 2007 into Mobile Taiwan, according to Steve Lin of the country's Ministry of Economic Affairs, during an interview here. Now, Mobile Taiwan is being implemented in Mobile Education and in access to all government services via handheld devices. And these government efforts, says Lin, are to create catalysts to drive innovation in "value-added" industries, patterned after US national laboratories and incubation centers….

Korea’s free KakaoTalk mobile app reshapes business communication models and language

SEOUL – Kakao Talk, the free mobile phone text service that has exploded in popularity here, has reshaped the way Koreans communicate worldwide. It has even had an impact on the language and expression, with KFL, or Kakao as a Foreign Language. Available since summer for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry cell phones, Kakao, or KaTalk for short, has been downloaded by tens of millions of users. Based in Korea, it is growing worldwide, and it is now available in Japanese and English….

African mobile technology services developed for news and empowerment: Universal access

"No Internet needed." Those three words are seen more and more often promoting new mobile phone applications in Africa, where the newest apps are more likely than not to be free, to run on cheap low-end phones, and to function even without Internet access. In Africa, you can also use your cell phone to listen to "radio" programs from sources ranging from broadcasters to public service providers – and again without Internet access….