Child migrant surge shifts politics of immigration

The Guardian quotes faculty fellow Roberto Suro: "The most potent imagery in immigration politics has been when things are out of control," said Suro, now a journalism professor at the University of Southern California. "Those three words often spell a turn toward restriction, regardless of what the actual circumstance is."…

Suro in Maynard – Immigration

Faculty Fellow Roberto Suro was featured in an article on the Maynard Institute website. Speaking with USC's Dowell Myers, Suro said a battle between the federal government and the states over who would lead in enforcing immigration laws in the workplace had "finally been settled" by courts in favor of the states. The conversation in which Suro was taking part was about forging a new social contract between the aging Baby Boomer generation and immigrants to the US….

Suro in Hous Chron – Religiousness of Hispanics

Roberto Suro, CCLP Faculty Fellow, was cited in a blog post on the website for the Houston Chronicle. The article, entitled "Expanded resources enrich Hispanic Catholic worship", examines the religious practices and habits of the second-generation of Hispanic Catholic parishioners….

Suro in Digital Journal – Hispanicize 2011

Roberto Suro, professor and faculty fellow, will be a featured speaker at the Hispanicize 2011 conference, according to the Digital Journal. Mom Bloggers Club founder Jennifer James began the conference to highlight latinos making a difference in America, and includes actors, bloggers, and journalists on the panels….

Suro in FAIR – immigration

"If having a baby was a significant driving factor in illegal immigration," said Faculty Fellow Roberto Suro, "you would expect to see a higher percentage of women of child-bearing age in the U.S. illegally compared to men of the same age." "In fact, just the opposite is the case." Suro is an outspoken defender of immigration to the US, and was quoted in Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)….

Suro – WaPo "Dream Act"

The Washington Post published an article by Faculty Fellow Roberto Suro about Congress' recent vote against "the Dream Act." The bill, if passed, would allow for children of illegal immigrants with "good character" to attain US citizenship upon their completion of a college education or service in the military. "The immediate task is to clean up the mess caused by inaction," writes Suro "and that is going to require compromises on all sides. Next, we should reexamine the scope of policy proposals. After a decade of sweeping plans that went nowhere, working piecemeal is worth a try at this point."…

Suro – NYT "Immigrant Path"

Faculty Fellow Roberto Suro was cited in a recent New York Times article about the recent influx of immigrant workers to suburban neighborhoods throughout the country, according to the US Census Bureau. Suro noted several years ago that immigrants were migrating to areas with the largest demand for construction workers. "The leveraged asset was the work of the immigrants. The long-term payout was the social requirement to settle them and look after their children."…

Suro in Eurasia review on ‘Anchor Babies’

Faculty Fellow Roberto Suro has published a new article in Eurasia Review entitled "New Attacks On Birthright Citizenship: 'Anchor Babies' And The 14th Amendment." In it, Suro writes that "[w]hat this country needs is comprehensive immigration reform, not an attack on the Constitution," and claims that "taking away birthright citizenship will only increase the undocumented population within the United States, not decrease it." The full article can be accessed here….