Articles related to Digital Inclusion

Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity Helped Nonprofits Thrive During the Pandemic

Bob Keaveney / BizTech Magazine / Sept 9, 2021

Tech workers are frustrated and thinking about quitting. Here’s what might persuade them to stay

Owen Hughes / ZDNet / Sept 9, 2021

Broadband Connectivity

Wright County Government: Broadband Informational Meeting Coming Sept. 27

Patch / Sept 11, 2021

Maine to Invest $128M Toward Expanding Broadband Access

GovTech / Sept 8, 2021 

Connecting the Caribbean’s Unconnected

Andy Bax / Broadband Communities Magazine / Sept, 2021 

Fiber Connect 2021: A Focus on Fiber, Open Access, Community Broadband And Public-Private Partnerships

Sean Buckley / Broadband Magazine / Sept, 2021 

How Americans Have Used — and Struggled With — the Internet During the Pandemic

Lee Rainie / Benton Institute for Broadband and Society / Sept 10, 2021

Survey to improve internet service in Indian River County

Jon Shainman / WPTV / Sept 6, 2021

Broadband Affordability

5M get stimulus help to pay for internet and a laptop — and you can still apply

Sigrid Forberg / Yahoo / Sept 6, 2021

Broadband Services

Apartment living is the frontier for 5G home internet

Chris Duckett / ZDNet / Sept 12, 2021 

The FCC’s broadband map won’t be ready for a year. This data company has already built one

Shara Tibken and Marguerite Reardon / CNET / Sept 8, 2021 

Looking for Mental Health Care and Falling Into an ‘Internet Wormhole’

Marianna McMurdock / The 74 Million / Sept 7, 2021 

Microsoft president: ‘Shame on us if we fail’ to provide broadband internet to more Americans

Ben Werschkul / Yahoo / Sept 10, 2021 

Broadband companies need workers for high-speed internet projects. Military veterans could be a perfect match.

Daniel Moore / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / Sept 7, 2021 

Exclusive: FCC will study cost of landlords’ broadband deals

Margaret Harding McGill / Axios / Sept 7, 2021

Disparities in Online Learning

Classroom Time Isn’t the Only Thing Students Have Lost

Kelsey Ko / The Atlantic / Sept 7, 2021 

Black, Hispanic students disproportionately face challenges as schools reopen amid COVID-19

Kiara Alfonseca / ABC News / Sept 6, 2021 

Get Schooled: Gap in learning, digital divide and beyond

CNBCTV / Sept 7, 2021 

What Will School Really Look Like This Fall?

Emily Bazelon / New York Times / Sept 8, 2021 

South African universities have taken to online teaching: but it can’t be permanent

Denise G. Callahan / The Conversation / Sept 9, 2021

Digital Divide

Could $350M in federal funds increase the digital divide?

Associated Press / Sept 12, 2021 

Bridging The Digital Divide Is Key To Building Financial Inclusion

Rama Sridhar / Forbes / Sept 10, 2021 

Ohio Kicks Off New Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program

GovTech / Sept 09, 2021 

Butler County, Ohio, May Spend $4M on Rural Broadband

Denise G. Callahan / GovTech / Sept 7, 2021

Broadband Physical Infrastructure

New Data Says More Communities Built Their Own Broadband Because of COVID

Karl Bode / Vice / Sept 10, 2021