During the past 15 years, CCLP has evolved, blessed by a wide range of talented team members, Senior Fellows, and a committed board. Over the years we have tackled issues ranging from technology and human trafficking, to the role of women in communication leadership, to new business models for news. For the past several years, CCLP has had an important presence in Washington, DC, where Adam Powell leads our work. He, among other activities, has led projects on Election Cybersecurity and convened important meetings on public diplomacy. This page offers a glimpse into our current efforts.

My Journalism 505 class from summer 2022


Survey of major themes in media and communication; exploring what it means to be a professional in the fields of communication, journalism, and public relations.
JOUR200w is the first Annenberg School class to fulfill a USC General Education requirement. JOUR200w explores the role of journalism and social media in society – its influence on government, technology, business, national security, sports, science and entertainment.
In the spring of 2017, in my JOUR460 class “The Social Responsibility of the News Media”, I invited Axios, a start-up American news and information website into the classroom to speak with students. Over the course of the 14-week semester, the class was visited by phone by members of the Axios team who relayed how a media start-up approaches politics and business in today’s climate.
In Journalism 505, students will analyze the history, ethics and evolution of journalism and be introduced to key innovations and innovators in journalism history as well as multimedia platforms. Journalism 505 is intended for graduate journalism students and will be taught as a two-day summer course.
Communications 579 explored how the digital revolution and changes in technology, audiences, markets, and regulation are creating new entrepreneurial opportunities for businesses, governments, journalism, and social ventures. Student developed their own projects and gained exposure to the practice and theory of entrepreneurship and innovation in the digital era. Classes were held in a salon-style setting and featured frequent guests, debates on real-world issues, and dinner conversations.
In the summer of 2016, I helped to prepare six Annenberg students to visit the Republican and Democratic National Conventions as part of a class with USC. From the conventions, the students reported each day for USC Annenberg Media, one of the top student media outlets in the country.

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photos from my JOUR 200w class

Pick of the Month

Each month we post an article, graph, video, or book that is helpful to understanding the world around us. Many of them are pieces that have been included in my teaching. By following along here, you get a glimpse into what my students are learning about as well as staying in touch with the world of journalism.

Update from the Election Cybersecurity Initiative

In 2022, the security of elections became a topic of conversation across all of America. With this increased interest in election security, CCLP’s work on election cybersecurity has received bipartisan support from every state in the nation. The ECI has continued to do tremendous work safeguarding American democracy and our domestic successes have led to international opportunity. ECI Director and CCLP Senior Fellow Adam Clayton Powell III traveled to Greece for the “Cybersecuring Democracy Conference”  in June 2022 and will be traveling to South Africa to give a key note address in October 2022.

Senior fellow Adam Clayton Powell III speaking in Greece
Professor Cowan in Politico

Most Recent Publication

In January of 2024 I wrote an op-ed for the Politico magazine entitled “The Real Reason We’re Stuck with Trump v. Biden” exploring how the rules of the primary process can restrict voter choice.

An excerpt reads, “At the very least, the parties should take this year as a warning. This would be a good time for both parties to develop new guidelines for the selection of presidential candidates that allow the public to play a role in the nominating process — but keep it open well into the calendar year of the election.”

Published Books