CCLP has teamed with university partners in Africa and the U.S. to launch a new Africa-US initiative on Africa’s future. The full list of partners can be found here.

Activities include a monthly Africa-US transatlantic dialogue, with speakers joining from across Africa and the U.S., in person in Washington DC and worldwide online. You can see upcoming and previous forums here.

The initiative also includes resources for those interested in further information, research and study of Africa.

This is all very new: Join us and watch how the programs grow. And please feel free to submit suggestions and comments, by email to our program manager, Judy Kang at

Leadership Team

Adam Clayton Powell III

Director, Africa – U.S. Initiative

Jung-Hwa “Judy” Kang

Program Manager, Africa – U.S. Initiative

Bob Wekesa

Inaugural Africa Visiting Fellow, Africa – U.S. Initiative