The Local News and Student Journalism Initiative (LNSJI) is a collective banner for CCLP’s effort to begin to explore the ways in which high school and college journalists and journalism can help to address the loss of local news coverage. In particular, it explores the ways in which students can cover areas such as community and local events, the opening of local restaurants, stores and businesses, high school sports, arts and music events, graduation ceremonies, weddings and obituaries – the aspects of local journalism that help to build a sense of community, a field that Steve Waldman calls “cohesion journalism.”

The Local News and Student Journalism Executive Summary and the full-length White Paper begin to explore the current state of student journalism in America, discuss the importance of cohesion journalism, highlight some of the best current local student projects, and propose new methods of funding and supporting the work of student journalists.

White Paper Executive Summary

A Possible Role for Student Journalists and Student Journalism in Helping to Provide Communities with Local News

Located in high schools and colleges across America, some student journalists possess intimate knowledge of their communities and the skills necessary to produce high quality reporting. Indeed, in some areas, students and student papers are currently playing an important role by working with existing publications and/or producing news sources of their own.”