CCLP runs and supports impactful projects across the worlds of news, information, technology, and civic discourse.

Africa – U.S. Initiative (AFUSI)

The Africa – U.S. Initiative is a joint endeavor from the Annenberg Center for Communication Leadership and Policy; the African Centre for the Study of the U.S., University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; the Center for African Studies, Howard University; the Institute for African Studies, George Washington University; and the Public Diplomacy Council of America. Visit the AFUSI homepage here.

It seeks to incubate strategies for development through convening some of the brightest minds from across the globe to share and discuss their expertise. Through Africa’s Future monthly forums that include a host of panels, the Africa Initiative generates new insights every month. The Program is led by CCLP Senior Fellow Adam Clayton Powell III.

Election Cybersecurity Initiative (ECI)

The ECI, supported by Google, is an internationally recognized, non-partisan, independent project dedicated to protecting campaigns and elections. We lead cybersecurity workshops in all 50 states featuring input from cybersecurity experts and appearances from local election officials to sitting United States Senators. This work is essential to safeguarding of American democracy. Visit the ECI website here.

Democracy is not just another ideology, another point of view, or another political party. It is the core of the American experiment. It’s why millions came to these shores, and why they are still coming. And it is why they are not trying to go to Russia. Democracy is an idea on which we can all agree – liberal and conservative, rich and poor, north and south, east and west, Republican and Democrat, black and white. “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Everyone can agree that democracy is the heart of our nation. Well, not quite everyone: Democracy is under attack by adversaries foreign and domestic. And helping to defend democracy against those attacks, and those attackers, is the purpose of this initiative. Democracy is not just another ideology. Our candidate is Democracy.

Digital Inclusion Initiative (DII)

Through the Digital Inclusion Initiative, CCLP researches, organizes, and convenes university, local, state, and national stakeholders seeking to provide universal high-speed broadband service to communities in Los Angeles.

In the census tracts directly bordering USC, over 20% of households do not have reliable access to the internet. CCLP’s Digital Inclusion Initiative is committed to further reducing the Digital Divide and ensuring that everyone has access to high-speed, quality internet service. We are partnering with the California Emerging Technology Fund in order to bring cutting edge broadband delivery technology to get past the “middle mile” and bring broadband directly into the homes of those who need it most.