Morley Winograd

Morley Winograd is the co-author (with Michael D. Hais) of three books on the Millennial generation: Millennial Majority: How a New Coalition Is Remaking American Politics (Amazon; 2013), Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation is Remaking America, (Rutgers: 2011) and Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube and the Future of American Politics (Rutgers: 2008). Their first book was named by the New York Times as one of their ten favorite books of 2008. He most recently co-authored (with Mike Hais and Doug Ross) Healing American Democracy: Going Local (CreateSpace: 2018).

Winograd is currently President and CEO of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, a bi-partisan, multi-generational effort to make college tuition free in all fifty states.  His recent writings are focused on issues that are of concern to Millennials, such as greater affordability of higher education, more affordable housing for first time home buyers and greater empowerment of local decision-making.

Winograd served as the Executive Director of the Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) at USC’s Marshall School of Business from 2001 until his retirement in June of 2009. He served as senior policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore and director of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) from December 1, 1997 until January 20, 2001.

Winograd earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and attended Law School at the University of Michigan. He resides in Arcadia, CA.

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