Leading the Way to Better News: The Role of Leadership in a World Where Most of the “Powers That Be” Became the “Powers That Were”

By Geoffrey Cowan Shorenstein Center Fellow, Fall 2007 University Professor and Annenberg Family Chair in Communication Leadership, University of Southern California February 15, 2008 #D-44 © 2008 President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. Published by Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy Discussion Paper Series Abstract During the past several years, as traditional news operations have faced sharp declines in circulation, advertising, viewership, and audiences, and as they have begun to make a seemingly unrelenting series of cuts in the newsroom budgets, scholars and professionals have been seeking formulas or models designed to reverse…

Bennis cited in article on Fast Company

"On a much more elevated scale, I was totally absorbed by [Distinguished Fellow] Warren Bennis's Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership," said James Kristie, editor and associate publisher, Directors & Boards on an article on Fast Company where leaders of NGOs and corporate social responsibility divisions are reading. "One of the truly renowned tracers of 'the DNA of leadership,' a term this much-credentialed USC professor uses to describe his research into the rulers of the corporate and nonprofit worlds in his decades-long quest to understand what it is that makes these leaders tick….

Bennis on Economic Times website

The Moghul of the modern day field of leadership studies, otherwise known as Distinguished Fellow Warren Bennis was profiled on the website for The Economic Times. He spoke of his newest release Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Lifetime in Leadership and said that he still can "see the world with the same wide-eyed wonder as I did years ago, because everything is so different from what it was then."…

Bennis in Fortune on Obama’s Leadership

"When you read Obama's speeches, they're beautiful," says Warren Bennis, Distinguished CCLP Fellow. "They'll go down as some of the most brilliant essays. But none of them has a sound bite. Where is Reagan's, 'Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall?'" Bennis was cited an article on Fortune Magazine's website where experts were asked to critique the leadership qualities of President Obama….

Bennis in Fast Company – Leadership and adversity

Distinguished Fellow Warren Bennis was cited on the Fast Company Expert Blog about the creation of leaders. Author John Baldoni mentions the leadership practices of Bennis when discussing the leaders need to face adversity and have their limits tested in order to be the most effective and influential leaders….

"Warren, Do You Have a Minute?"

For the past sixty years–before a strategic acquisition, during an international crisis, or after four years in college, one question has been asked by CEO's, presidents, and students alike. "Warren, do you have a minute?" Six words, perhaps better than any other, summarize the life of USC professor and CCLP Distinguished Fellow Warren Bennis, "the founding father of the modern leadership movement." At an October 6th event hosted by the Center on Communication Leadership & Policy, the leadership guru spent a few minutes with USC students, faculty and staff to share stories from his latest book, Still Surprised: A Memoir…