Seib comments on Rally to Restore Sanity

The Internet only amplifies these movements, said Faculty Fellow Philip Seib to the Christian Science Monitor. Seib was commenting on Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" which is now sparking sister rallies from Tel Aviv to the Mt. Everest Base Camp, including one in Downtown Los Angeles. "I would think we're going to have more and more phenomenon that start national and become global." Seib also speculates that internet will help in the creation and coordination of grassroots political movements….

Laughing at Democracy at the Mall

Marty Kaplan is one smart guy. He is now the director of the Norman Lear Center for the study of entertainment and society at the Annenberg School of the University of Southern California. The rest of his resume is embarrassing to the rest of us: He graduated summa cum laude in molecular biology from Harvard, received a first in English at Cambridge, earned a Ph.D. in modern thought from Stanford and, as a vice president of Disney, wrote a movie for Eddie Murphy. He has this theory about entertainment taking over the news, even the world. At the blackboard, he…