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Lifeline phones should be enhanced to ensure public safety, CCLP urges FCC

By Justin Chapman | May 29, 2015 0
Why can't many inexpensive cell phones receive life-saving emergency weather alerts? Why, unlike people in much of the world, can't Americans listen to emergency information broadcasts on their cell phones? These are not accidents or unanticipated consequences. These are the results of policies and decisions by government agencies and the U.S. cell phone industry that should be addressed by the Fe ...

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Uses for Anger in Making a Better World

By CCLP Staff | July 27, 2015 0
This article by CCLP senior fellow Matthew Dowd was originally published in the Huffington Post. Is anger a bad thing? What should we do if a person is angry or a large group of voters is angry and frustrated? Call that person names, tell them they shouldn't be angry, ignore...

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Russia's Stalinist diplospeak

By CCLP Staff | July 27, 2015 0
This article by CCLP visiting fellow Vasily Gatov was originally published in The Daily Beast. A Russian linguist closely examines how the Russian Foreign Ministry's communication has resurrected the creepy old Soviet style. Russian is a tough language to learn not because of the complex tenses and six cases, but...

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The Large Field of Candidates Reflects Our Current Politics

By CCLP Staff | July 22, 2015 0
This op-ed by CCLP senior fellow Matthew Dowd was originally published in the New York Times. The quantity of candidates running for president won't matter so much as the quality of leadership and vision that emerges by the end of the process. Having numerous candidates didn't hurt Democrats in 1992...

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250 students filled the lobby at Wallis Annenberg Hall for our 2015 State of the Union live viewing and analysis.
Open Data LA partnered with the City of Pasadena to connect community leaders with city officials. Left to right: Rick Cole;, Michael Beck, Dana Chinn, and Phillip Leclair.
At CCLP's forum on Women and Photojournalism, Lori Shepler (right) shows off her photography book, Pau Gasol: Life / Vida, as Narda Zacchino (left) looks on.
The 2014 Get Mobile Forum brought together local community organizers and technology leaders.
CCLP director Geoffrey Cowan discusses the benefits of informal diplomacy at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. (Photo by CEU/Daniel Vegel.)
Director of research Mark Latonero and California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris
Director Geoffrey Cowan, Lt. John Vanek, Mark Latonero, and Chris Kelly.

In the News

CCLP senior fellow Matthew Dowd was quoted in a Washington Post article about the GOP and the Iran deal.

CCLP senior fellow Adam Clayton Powell III was quoted in a Sputnik International article about U.S. companies seeking compensation for property that was nationalized by the Cuban government over 50 years ago.

CCLP senior fellow Morley Winograd quoted in Reuters article on Millennials and sharing.

CCLP senior fellow Orville Schell discusses the boom and bust cycles of the Chinese economy on PBS NewsHour.

CCLP research cited in Crain's Detroit Business article on newspaper revenue.

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