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Broadband Physical Infrastructure

In 2020, we reached peak Internet. Here’s what worked – and what flopped.

Geoffrey A. Fowler / The Washington Post / Dec. 28

Two big ideas for President Biden

Harlan Ullman / The Hill / Dec. 31

Nashville bombing revealed US communication networks may be vulnerable. But how to secure them? Officials demand answers.

Meghan Mangrum and Donovan Slack / USA Today / Jan. 2

Five Trends You Need To Know For Asia Retail In 2021

Tiffany Lung / Forbes / Jan. 5

Smart Building Communications: Three Building Blocks Explained

Wolfgang Thieme / Forbes / Jan. 6


Broadband Connectivity

We can’t have equity in computer science education without connectivity

Allison Scott / CalMatters / Dec. 28

The economics of remote work: What we can do about technology widening wage gaps

Ryan Macinnis / The Hill / Dec. 28

For Tony Fadell, the future of startups is connected and sustainable

Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch / Dec. 31

Why Engineers Are Preparing for a Tough Start to 2021 | Opinion

Hayaatun Sillem / Newsweek / Dec. 31

Permanent Changes Due To The Pandemic

Mark Kantrowitz / Forbes / Jan 1

COVID-19 Stimulus Could Expand Internet Access in Kentucky

Ricki Pryor / GovTech / Jan. 4

‘Break up the groupthink’: Democrats press Biden to diversify his tech picks

Cristiano Lima / POLITICO / Jan. 4

Could The Digital Divide Unite Us?

Angela Siefer, Bill Callahan, Sean Davis / TechDirt / Jan. 6

Big Tech’s free speech showdown

Scott Rosenberg / Axios / Jan. 10


Broadband Affordability

5 Ways the Pandemic Is Reshaping Government Technology Plans

Alan R. Shark / StarTech Magazine / Dec. 31

As Comcast drops one computer security plan, what – if anything – should you replace it with?

Rob Pegoraro / USA Today / Jan. 3

The Edge: How the New Education Dept. Might Treat ‘Innovation’

Goldie Blumenstyk / The Chronicle of Higher Education / Jan. 6

That’s A Wrap: Techdirt Greenhouse, Broadband In The Covid Era

Karl Bode / TechDirt / Jan. 8


Broadband Services

Ameren Sails Into Digital Future With Private Broadband Utility Network

Llewellyn King / Forbes / Dec. 28

Internet 2021: Here’s what the new year will (and won’t) bring

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols / ZDNet / Dec. 28

In 2021, coronavirus will reshape digital rules

Mark Scott / Politico / Dec. 31

What’s Section 230? The social media law that’s clogging up the stimulus talks

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / Dec. 31

Google Employees Form Union to Push for Changes

Sarah E. Needleman / Wall Street Journal / Jan. 4

The Biden Administration Should Increase Phone and Internet Subsidies for Low-Income Americans

Claire Park / Slate / Jan. 4

Mercer County, Pa., Launches Wireless Internet Service

Melissa Klaric / GovTech / Jan. 5

AWS cuts off Parler, CEO aims to rebuild infrastructure

Larry Dignan / ZDNet / Jan. 10


Disparities in Online Learning

More than 2 million women left the workforce in 2020. Why it matters and what happens next

Katie Kindelan / ABC News / Dec. 31

Biden’s Choice for Education Secretary

Kery Murakami / Inside Higher Ed / Jan. 4


Digital Divide

Teachers on TV? Schools Try Creative Strategy to Narrow Digital Divide

Kellen Browning / New York Times / Jan. 3

To help address learning disparities, boost internet access for low-income students

Niu Gao, Julien Lafortune, Laura Hill / CalMatters / Jan. 5 

COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into an ‘education emergency,’ UNICEF director says

Alexandra Kelley / The Hill / Jan. 5

Website crashes mar early coronavirus vaccine rollouts

Rebecca Klar / The Hill / Jan. 5