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Broadband Physical Infrastructure

8 Higher Education IT Trends to Watch in 2021

Adam Stone / EdTech Magazine / Feb. 1

Broadband Connectivity

Ford, Google Teaming Up On Cloud, Next-Gen Automotive Infotainment

Sam Abuelsamid / Forbes / Feb. 1

Opinion: High-Speed Internet Gaps in Pennsylvania Shameful

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / GovTech / Feb. 2

Amarillo, Texas, Officials Explore Broadband Expansion Options

Douglas Clark / GovTech / Feb. 2

CARES Money for Broadband: Insights Gained from County Projects

Jed Pressgrove / GovTech / Feb. 3

Tucson Builds Public-Private Partnership to Expand Connectivity

Brandon Paykamian / GovTech / Feb. 3

Comcast suspends Internet data limits, fees for Northeast customers

Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Feb. 3

A year into the pandemic, thousands of students still can’t get reliable WiFi for school. The digital divide remains worse than ever.

Erin Richards, Elinor Aspegren, Erin Mansfield / USA Today / Feb. 5


Broadband Affordability

How States Can Direct Economic Development to Places and People in Need

Pew Research / Feb. 2

Trump’s FCC failed on broadband access. Now, Biden’s FCC has to clean up the mess

Blair Levin / Brookings / Feb. 2

Biden’s FCC takes its first steps toward making the internet affordable

Sara Morrison / Vox / Feb. 3

How Should Governments Plan for the Latest Network Tech?

Jed Pressgrove / GovTech / Feb. 5


Broadband Services

Washington Ports Lead Charge for Rural Internet Service

Marissa Heffernan / GovTech / Feb. 1

Ford to Use Google’s Android System in Most Cars

Mike Colias / Wall Street Journal / Feb. 1

What Does a $290 Million Broadband Boost Mean for Ohio?

Ceili Doyle / GovTech / Feb. 2

Comcast doubles the speed to 50Mbps for Internet Essentials plan without added fees

Coral Murphy Marcos / USA Today / Feb. 3

Comcast Delays Web-Use Fees for Northeast U.S. After Outcry

Gerry Smith / Bloomberg / Feb. 3

SpaceX says its Starlink satellite internet service now has over 10,000 users

Michael Sheetz / CMBC . Feb. 4

Small internet service providers say SpaceX’s Starlink shouldn’t get federal funds to expand internet access 

Fatma Khaled / Business Insider / Feb. 5

SpaceX could serve Australian external islands with satellite broadband by 2022 

Chris Duckett / ZDNet / Feb. 5


Disparities in Online Learning

Mabry & McCray: No Child Left Behind Showed How Education Policy Can Lead the Way to Bipartisanship. Biden Should Follow That Model

Senegal Alfred Mabry / The 74 Million / Feb. 1

Parents across US rally for in-person learning after CDC study reveals lower risk

Evie Fordham / Fox News / Feb. 2


Digital Divide

More metro students return to their classrooms

Diane Sandberg and Heidi Wigdahl / KARE 11 / Feb. 1

Connectivity Powers Tractor Supply Company’s Success

Will Townsend / Forbes / Feb. 1

To stabilize education, governors need more flexibility

Adam Peshek / The Hill / Feb. 2

Texas needs a broadband office to address digital divide for students and families, advocates say

Emily Donaldson / The Dallas Morning News / Feb. 3

Bridging the Digital Divide: Lessons from COVID-19

Report / Inside Higher Education / Feb. 3

The high price of broadband is keeping people offline during the pandemic

Eileen Guo / MIT Technology Review / Feb. 3

Universities must stop presuming that all students are tech-savvy

Elizabeth Losh / Times Higher Education / Feb. 5

Brothers on a Mission to Bridge the Digital Divide

FOX LA / Feb. 5

Covid-19 vaccine rollout puts a spotlight on unequal internet access

Sara Ashley O’Brien / CNN / Feb. 5