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Broadband Connectivity

Rural Telecom Software Provider Innovative Systems Lands Private-Equity Backing 

Laura Kreutzer / Wall Street Journal / Jan. 12

Chávez: To Improve Education for All Kids, the Biden Administration and New Congress Must Start Transforming Our Schools in the 1st 100 Days

Anna Maria Chavez / the 74 Million / Jan. 19

3 Tech Initiatives to Prioritize in the Virtual Classroom

EdTech Staff / EdTech Magazine / Jan. 19

How Service Providers Kept Subscribers Connected And Productive During The Pandemic

Dhrupad Trivedi / Forbes / Jan. 20

With Learning Loss Threatening to Derail New Mexico’s Educational Gains, a State-Sponsored Coaching Program Aims to Reach 30,000 Disengaged Students

Shaun Griswold and Trip Jennings / The 74 Million / Jan. 20

Biden rolls out his plan to reopen schools

Jessica Dickler / CNBC / Jan. 21

With an Eye Toward Equity, Biden Unveils Plan to Reopen Many Schools in First 100 Days

Linda Jacobson / The 74 Million / Jan. 21

Biden Order Charts Path to Help Schools Reopen, Avoid Virus Risk

Andrew Kreighbaum / Bloomberg Law / Jan. 21

Opinion: To Fix Gaps, New York Must Map Internet Coverage

Richard Berkley and Beth Frankle / GovTech / Jan. 22

President Biden’s FCC appointment is a big step toward net neutrality’s return

Steven J. Caughan-Nichols / ZDNet / Jan. 22

The TIME 2030 Committee Offers 8 Solutions for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

Time Staff / Time Staff / Jan. 22


Broadband Affordability

Here’s what Biden can do right now to get more Americans on the Internet

Editorial Board / The Washington Post / Jan. 21


Broadband Services

SpaceX delayed the first Starlink satellite launch of 2021 because of bad weather. It will now blast 60 internet satellites into orbit on Tuesday instead.

Kate Duffy / Business Insider / Jan. 18

Internet regulation takes on greater urgency as pandemic highlights digital divide

Cat Zakrewski and Tony Romm / The Washington Post / Jan. 18

Biden’s policies on technology

Tony Romm et al. / The Washington Post / Jan. 18

Net Neutrality and Big Tech’s Speech Hypocrisy

Allysia Finley / The Wall Street Journal / Jan. 19

Why Los Angeles County should not return to normal after the pandemic

Margaret Crable / USC Dornsife / Jan. 20

Digital Equity, Cybersecurity Are Key Concerns In Ed Tech

Brandon Paykamian / GovTech x Center for Digital Education / Jan. 21


Disparities in Online Learning

Pandemic Teacher Shortages Imperil In-Person Schooling

Natasha Singer / New York Times / Jan. 19

‘No One’s Fighting for Us’: How One Rural School on Nevada’s Walker River Reservation Is Striving to Keep Native Students On Track Through the Pandemic

Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez and Jackie Valley / The 74 Million / Jan. 20

UChicago computer science team receives $1.2M to map the digital divide in Chicago

Rob Mitchum / University of Chicago / Jan. 22


Digital Divide

Unwanted tech helps bridge ‘digital divide’ in lockdown Britain

Sonia Elks / Reuters / Jan. 18

Biden Expected to Make Narrowing Digital Divide an ‘Early, Urgent Priority’ to Help Students during Pandemic

Linda Jacobson / The 74 Million / Jan. 19

Biden is sworn in as president: What it will mean for tech

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / Jan. 20

Biden Racial Equity Order Only Step One for Civil Rights Groups

Ayanna Alexander / Bloomberg Law / Jan. 21

How higher education might change in 2021

Michael Huseby / The Hill / Jan. 21

With new House rules, more diversity in technology legislation and hearings is possible

Caitlin Chin, Jackson Gode, Nicol Turner Lee, Molly E. Reynolds / Brookings Institute / Jan. 21

Dallas business leaders must invest in online education that will close the digital divide

James W. Keyes / Dallas Morning News / Jan. 22

Google’s parent deflates internet-beaming balloon company

Michael Liedtke / ABC News  / Jan. 22

Families find throwing laptops and Wi-Fi at students isn’t enough to bridge digital divide

Evan McMorris-Santoro and Yon Pomrenze / CNN / Jan. 24