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Digital Maturity

Empowering The Modern Workforce, No-Code Required

Borya Shakhnovich / Forbes / May 10


Broadband Connectivity

The Biden Infrastructure Plan Digital Equity Wishlist

Zack Quaintance / GovTech / May 11

How Digital Technology Can Increase Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Medical Research

Praduman Jain / Forbes / May 12

The Big Question: Can the U.S. Close Its Digital Divide?

Romesh Ratnesar / Bloomberg / May 16


Broadband Affordability

FCC begins rollout of $10B in connectivity aid through emergency funds

Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch / May 11

Joe Biden’s Broadband Push Could Be Worth Billions To Wireless And Cable Companies

Dwight Silverman and Andrew Solender / Forbes / May 11

The Technology 202: The federal government is rolling out record amounts of broadband funding. It could be just the beginning.

Cat Zakrzewski / The Washington Post / May 12

Internet Subsidy Gives $50 A Month Discounts For Low-Income Americans

Vanessa Romo / NPR / May 12

Pell Grant Recipients Eligible for Discounted Broadband Program

Alexis Gravely / Inside Higher Ed / May 13

Three essential elements needed for broadband access

Kathryn De Wit / The Hill / May 13

The government wants to pay your Internet bill for a few months. Here’s what you need to do.

Geoffrey A. Fowler / Washington Post / May 14


Broadband Services

Academic Expert Says Internet Has Become a Vital Utility

Janice Rickert / GovTech / May 10

Amazon and Apple Built Vast Wireless Networks Using Your Devices. Here’s How They Work

Christopher Mims / Wall Street Journal / May 7

Broadband Proved a Top Priority for State Policymakers in 2020

Anna Read and Lily Gong / Pew Trust Research / May 12

Milton, Mass., Says ‘Yes’ to Municipal Broadband Utility

Fred Hanson / Gov Tech / May 12

U.S. Emergency Broadband Benefit Will Help Families Pay for High-Speed Internet

Ryan Tracy / Wall Street Journal / May 12

Ireland wants pandemic-era remote working to revive its rural towns

Jonathan Keane / CNBC / May 13


Disparities in Online Learning

To Bridge the Digital Divide — and Close the Homework Gap — Cities Are Tapping Their Own Infrastructure

Linda Poon / The 74 Million / May 10

How the homework gap may actually be the key to solving our digital divide

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / May 10

American Federation of Teachers president calls for full school reopenings in the fall

Justine Coleman / The Hill / May 13

Americans hit by pandemic eligible for FCC’s $50 broadband subsidy

Marguerite Reardon / CNET / May 13


Digital Divide

Why Is Headless Commerce Getting $1.6 Billion In Funding?

Faisal Masud / Forbes / May 11

Why The Mobile Industry Is So Central To Inclusion Worldwide

Caroline Casey / Forbes / May 12

How the FCC Will Help Schools and Libraries Bridge the Digital Divide

Justine Coleman / Benton Institute for Broadband and Society / May 13

What’s New in Civic Tech: Knight Invests $1M in CfA Brigades

Julia Edinge and Zack Quaintance / GovTech / May 13

Not Your Grandparents’ Infrastructure: What Businesses Should Be Thinking About

Rolf Nordstrom / Forbes / May 13

Rural Areas Are Looking for Workers. They Need Broadband to Get Them.

Ben Casselman / New York Times / May 16

COVID-19 vaccination drive again exposes India’s digital divide

Al Jazeera / May 12


Broadband Physical Infrastructure

Four takeaways on new guidance for state and local fiscal relief under the American Rescue Plan

Eli Byerly Duke and Alan Berube / Brookings Institution / May 13

Republicans draw ‘red line’ in negotiations with Joe Biden on infrastructure package

Joey Garrison / USA Today  / May 12