Voter Communication Task Force

The Voter Communication Task Force is a nonpartisan initiative funded by Google that aimed to provide all registered voters with reliable information about how, when and where to vote in 2020 elections and beyond. An offset of USC’s Election Cybersecurity Initiative, Task Force brought together leaders in policy, technology and academia to identify and help implement proactive communication methods for trusted voter information.

Organized and staffed by CCLP, the Task Force was chaired by former governor Brian Sandoval (R-Nevada) and  former governor Jack Markell (D- Delaware). The other members of the Task Force were Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Secretary of State of New Mexico who is also the President of the National Association of Secretaries of State President;  Vint Cerf, often described as “the father of the internet, who is Google’s Vice President and “Chief Internet Evangelist;” Nancy Gibbs, Director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center and Co-chair of CCLP Advisory Board; and Reta Jo Lewis, the German Marshall Fund’s Director of Congressional Affairs. Geoffrey Cowan, Adam Clayton Powell III, and Dan Schnur also served as Task Force Advisers.

In September of 2020, the Task Force published a report detailing its recommendations for communicating reliable information to registered voters and why communicating this information is particularly important for this election cycle.

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