CCLP Launches Digital Inclusion Initiative

CCLP is currently developing the Digital Inclusion Initiative (DII), a major project centered around the issue of broadband accessibility. Through the initiative, CCLP has begun the process of researching, organizing, and convening university, local, state, and national stakeholders seeking to provide universal high-speed broadband service in the US.  On February 26, the Center hosted a Digital Inclusion Stakeholder roundtable, where we invited faculty and staff from across the university and external partners to discuss how broadband affects their respective topic areas. Throughout the rest of the year, we hope to continue to convene experts concerned with tracking the use of public funds devoted to broadband, exploring the use of various broadband technologies, and comparing methods of high speed internet accessibility mapping.


Leadership Team


Geoffrey Cowan

Principal Investigator



Adam Clayton Powell III

Executive Director



Jung Hwa-Kang

Program Manager



Visit this page to to learn more about recent DII events.

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