McClatchy Newspapers publishes award-winning series on human trafficking

mcclatchy_cover.jpgIn April of this year, The Kansas City Star was awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for their groundbreaking series, “A New Slavery.” The series, written by reporters Laura Bauer, Mike McGraw, and Mark Morris investigates the US’ weak enforcement of human trafficking. The multi-piece series contains interviews with victims of trafficking, government officials, and other who have been affected by the crime and enforcing the laws to end it.

The Kansas City Star is a subsidiary of The McClatchy Company. Congratulations to the writers of The Kansas City Star as well as Gary Pruitt, Center on Communication Leadership & Policy board member as well as president and CEO of McClatchy.

You can read articles from “A New Slavery” series by The Kansas City Star below or download the full report here. (All PDFs will open in a new tab.)

December 13, 2009
A New Slavery by Mike McGraw & Laura Bauer
Beginning a Descent into Despair by Laura Bauer

December 14, 2009
Snares of the Sex Trade by Laura Bauer
A slave to time and money by Laura Bauer
Determined prosecutor combats trafficking with novel tactics by Mark Morris

December 15, 2009
Fraud’s Welcome Mat by Mark Morris
Family link offers solace – and peril by Laura Bauer

December 16, 2009
Ask Questions Later by Mike McGraw
Armed men, just outside the door by Laura Bauer

December 17, 2009
‘I share my liberty with my son’ by Laura Bauer
Changing Views by Mark Morris, Mark McGraw, & Laura Bauer

December 18, 2009
New Funds Prompt New Hope by Mike McGraw & Laura Bauer

December 20, 2009
Set free the victims of modern slavery by Laura Bauer, Mike McGraw, & Mark Morris

June 15, 2010
Progress cites, but more work ahead to end trafficking by Mark Morris & Mike McGraw

June 17, 2010
Media chided on sex trafficking by Mark Morris