Updates from the War Room

Cinny Kennard and her team of researchers are hard at work preparing their report for the Federal Communications Comission entitled Future of Media & Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age (FOM) . Based in the offices at the CCLP, the team has set up a war room, spending countless hours researching each member’s assigned area of focus.

Kennard was approached by the FCC for this project, specifically to research the state of television news on commercial broadcast. The FOM project is led by Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the FCC, Steve Waldman.


Below are some pictures from the FOM War Room:
warroom1.jpgJunior Fellow Rebecca Shapiro (left) and Sarah Erickson


warroom2.jpgCater Lee Swartzlander (right), Sarah Erickson, and Junior Fellow Rebecca Shapiro

You can read the original blog post about Kennard’s appointment by the FCC.