For the first time in our nation’s history, women make up fully half of all workers and are increasingly their families’ primary breadwinners. Women also are playing defining roles in the reinvention of the media and communication industries. CCLP’s women in communication leadership initiative focuses on scholarly research, policy analysis and professional executive training.

CCLP has completed and continues to work on many exciting and important initiatives aimed at empowering women in media and communications. One of our student researchers recently spearheaded a report encouraging guidelines for journalists who cover rape and sexual assault stories.

CCLP has also formed a partnership with the Annenberg Innovation Lab and Women’s Leadership Society to launch the Athena Innovation Initiative to build a hub for future women leaders in entrepreneurship on campus and around Los Angeles. The partnership will combine interdisciplinary programs with strategic research into the economics and sociology of women in technology and innovation. The goal is to examine barriers for women in male dominated innovation fields and promote equal access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to boost economic and social impact.