Glickman in China Daily – Global Food Prices

Our mindset was surpluses," said senior fellow Dan Glickman, a former United States secretary of agriculture. Glickman spoke with China Daily about the decrease in demand for the world's foor staples as well as the ever-rising global food prices. "That has just changed overnight." The recent price spikes have helped cause the largest increases in world hunger in decades….

Glickman in the Economist – Agriculture

The Economist cited Senior Fellow Dan Glickman and former Secretary of Agriculture on the efforts of the United States to accrue and sustain a food supply for its citizens, and as prices rise, it becomes a higher agenda items for the government. "I'd like to say agriculture is at the top of the agenda, but I don't believe it. What's needed is sustained leadership from governments, NGOs and the private sector," said Glickman….

Glickman on MSN India about the Green Revolution

Senior Fellow Dan Glickman and agriculture scientist, M.S. Swaminathan headed up a team of researchers who released a report on the Green Industry in India, according to MSN India. The report points out that the true extent of poverty is masked by economic growth in the country and that long term food supplies are running low. These findings show that India could be headed towards a devastating famine if the problem is not properly tackled….