Chinese TV expands into social media, with new app – for reporters

WASHINGTON – Chinese state television has embraced social media as a tool to expand its influence, according to its top consultant in the U.S. Speaking at a CCLP forum here, Jim Laurie described CCTV's expansion into social networks. Laurie said 300 CCTV reporters worldwide will soon carry a unique app that, as soon as they file a report, simultaneously transmits versions to China's Weibo, which has 369 million users, and to its English-language Facebook and Twitter sites here in the U.S….

BBC executive producer outlines mobile technology & election coverage strategies

WASHINGTON – The BBC is devoting major resources to deliver its journalism to cell phones and other mobile devices because subscribers of these technologies are the most serious, committed consumers of news. That was the assertion by Dick Meyer, Executive Producer for BBC News, America, at a CCLP forum here yesterday….

BBC executives describe deep cuts, new investments

WASHINGTON — Faced with a 16% budget cut, BBC executives decided to focus resources on top priorities – peak viewing hours and the "best journalism in the world." That was the word today from top managers at the BBC, speaking at a CCLP communication forum at the USC Washington DC Center. The budget cuts were the result of across-the-board reductions by the UK government, and 16% was comparable to the cuts at museums and other cultural institutions. But the BBC was also determined to invest in new programming. "It's all very well cutting," said Caroline Thomson, the BBC's Chief Operating…

Public policy and the crisis in the news business

Newspapers are for sale across the country. National Public Radio and television news shows are laying off staff. The Tribune Company is in bankruptcy. It's clear that journalism is in crisis, and in the current recession, things are likely to get much worse. That's alarming. A robust press is vital to our democracy. And while bloggers and other new-media news operations have enriched the public dialogue in important ways, their work still depends on the painstaking – and expensive – reporting supplied by traditional journalists….