Korea’s free KakaoTalk mobile app reshapes business communication models and language

SEOUL – Kakao Talk, the free mobile phone text service that has exploded in popularity here, has reshaped the way Koreans communicate worldwide. It has even had an impact on the language and expression, with KFL, or Kakao as a Foreign Language. Available since summer for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry cell phones, Kakao, or KaTalk for short, has been downloaded by tens of millions of users. Based in Korea, it is growing worldwide, and it is now available in Japanese and English….

Campaign advertising is now reaching into the voting booth

Photo credit: secretlondon on FlickrWASHINGTON — Political advertising is reaching into polling places and even into the voting booth. That is one of three trends for 2010 campaign advertising identified by Peter Greenberger, Google's head of Public Sector Ad Sales. What's that, you say? Politicking is not allowed within 100 feet of polling places? How quaint. How very 20th century. Once again the law governs atoms, not bits….

Why Washington Doesn’t Work Anymore

What killed bipartisanship in the governing of America? Basically, I think, it was the jet plane and Blackberries. In fact, those two mechanical marvels may break up the whole nation into, say, 350 million countries. A country for every man, woman and child. Why can't the representatives of we, the people, agree on even the things they agree on? The answer is that they don't know each other. In the old days there was a community called Washington — or maybe just Georgetown — where Republicans and Democrats lived together. They carpooled. They had dinner with each other and exchanged…