LISTEN: Some (accurate) quotes about media mistakes

This blog and accompanying podcast first appeared on MPRnews. This morning Minnesota public radio featured senior fellow Cinny Kennard expounding upon the relationship between newsroom cutbacks and journalistic errors. Listen to the full podcast here: At a graduation speech at Quinnipiac University earlier this month, CBS anchor Scott Pelley said that journalists are "getting the big stories wrong, over and over again." "In a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor," Pelley charged. "And that is the danger that we face today. We have entered a time when a writer's first idea is his best idea….

Nagourney, Kennard, Dotan, and Winograd talk campaign politics post-Super Tuesday in latest Road to White House installment

In collaboration with USC's Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise and the Unruh Institute of Politics, CCLP hosted the most recent installment of the weekly Road to the White House speaker series yesterday. This week's topic was "Politics, Media, and the Presidential Primaries after Super Tuesday." The panel that led this discussion was moderated by CCLP senior fellow and former White House Senior Policy Advisor, Morley Winograd. He was joined by Tom Dotan, editor-at-large for Neon Tommy; Los Angeles Bureau Chief and former Chief National Political Correspondent for the New York Times Adam Nagourney; and finally by…

Cinny Kennard on Radio

CCLP senior fellow Cinny Kennard appeared on The Michael Eric Dyson Show to take a look back at the Anita Hill hearings and what has changed for women in the workplace since then. Listen here….

USC forum explores new FCC transparency & accountability requirements

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission will propose a new "streamlined web system" regulatory regime for broadcasters, requiring licensees to file all information on the Internet in a publicly accessible and searchable form. That promise came from Steven Waldman (pictured left), senior advisor to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, who spoke at a Washington, D.C. forum organized by USC's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism to discuss the report, The Information Needs Of Communities: The changing media landscape in a broadband age which was released on June 9. First came the good news: the U.S. is close to having "the best…

Landmark FCC Report highlights CCLP research

For its new report assessing the national and local media landscape and offering policy recommendations on how to preserve the public's access to news and information, the Federal Communications Commission appointed award-winning journalist and CCLP Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard to the working group that led research, conducted interviews and drafted the document. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski publicly thanked Kennard in his remarks at the FCC meeting in Washington D.C. on June 9. Kennard (pictured below) assembled a research team that included CCLP junior fellows Rebecca Shapiro and Monica Alba, along with research associates Cater Lee and Sarah Erickson. They investigated…

Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard Sworn in as Special Consultant for the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission recently appointed Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard as a Special Consultant to work on the team researching and preparing a report on the Future of Media & Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age. According to the FCC, "the goal of the project is to help ensure that all Americans have access to vibrant, diverse sources of news and information that will enable them to enrich their families, communities and democracy." As traditional forms of news struggle to survive and new forms of media flourish, the research team will acquire extensive knowledge of the media world…

Leadership Qualities for Moving Ahead

Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard spoke at a workshop on "Leadership Qualities for Moving Ahead" in Milan, Italy at the European House-Ambrosetti–a professional consulting group founded in 1965 by Alfredo Ambrosetti. Kennard presented the findings of her work on the Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation. Visit to read Kennard's work on the Shriver Report….

Day One of CCLP Forum: Press and policymakers need to probe more deeply on rationale for war in Afghanistan

Policymakers and analysts are calling on the press to dig much deeper into the strife that engulfs Afghanistan, and to provide better analysis on the policy options now before President Obama as he weighs whether to send thousands more American troops. Former Ambassador Morton Abramowitz, who previously headed the State Department's intelligence unit, accused the press of "hit-and-run" coverage that has substituted for serious consideration of policy in Afghanistan. His observations, along with presentations and dialogue among top journalists, scholars and government officials, were presented at the inaugural Global Communication Leadership Forum , held November 6-7 in Los Angeles….