Pacifica Radio lost over $5 million, termed unsustainable by Director

WASHINGTON – Pacifica Radio has lost $5.5 million since 2005 and has drained its financial reserves, according to Arlene Engelhardt, Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation. The network's financial performance is unsustainable, according to Engelhardt, writing in a blog post on Friday. "Pacifica's overall listener support dropped 23%–from $13.8 million for fiscal year ending (FYE) September 30, 2006 to $10.6 million for FYE 2010," she wrote. "KPFA's listener support dropped 27%–from $4.0 million for FYE 2005 to $2.9 million FYE 2010." "KPFA, WBAI (in New York) and WPFW (in Washington, D.C.) have been running seriously in the red," she continued….