Digital, social media are major boost US image, message abroad

WASHINGTON – The Internet and social media are providing a major boost for America's image and messages abroad, according to Dawn McCall (pictured right), Coordinator of International Information Programs (IIP) for the State Department, speaking here at a CCLP forum. "The reality for public diplomacy has dramatically changed and so has the environment in which IIP operates today," McCall said. "I am sure no one in this room could have predicted five years ago how differently we would engage with each other today."…

Report: Internet freedom in peril, ‘glass three-quarters empty’

WASHINGTON – An annual assessment of global Internet freedom has at best mixed news. The 2012 survey, "Freedom on the Net 2012: A Global Assessment of Internet and Digital Media," by Freedom House, finds repressive governments are becoming increasingly clever in their efforts to block messages and content. Full Report: FOTN 2012 FINAL.pdf "Tactics used are becoming more sophisticated and more diverse," Sanja Kelly, Project Director for the Freedom House survey, said at this morning's briefing, and she pointed to a newly popular method that has spread widely among repressive regimes: defamation….