New US student exchange aims to double college-level exchange students to, from Latin America

WASHINGTON – The newest U.S. educational exchange initiative was the focus of this month's CCLP Communications Leadership Forum here. Called "100,000 Strong in the Americas", the public-private partnership will try to nearly double the number of college students going between U.S. and Latin American colleges and universities. Citing what he termed "an East-West bias," Daniel Restrepo, former Special Assistant to President Obama for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said it seems that U.S. study abroad programs focus almost exclusively on Europe….

Geoffrey Baum quoted on Vice President Biden's push for free community college

Managing director Geoffrey Baum was quoted in The Argonaut after meeting Vice President Joe Biden, who visited West Los Angeles College to discuss the Obama administration's plan to subsidize community college fees. The initiative would "free up resources to add classes, innovate new programs and develop other aspects of student support," said Baum….

President Obama’s new plan for free community college furthers Winograd’s initiative

On Friday, January 9, President Obama announced a new initiative to make community colleges tuition-free for students across the country. Modeled after Tennessee's free community college initiative, the program would help an estimated 9 million students a year to save an average of $3,800 a year. "Put simply, what I'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everyone who's willing to work for it," said Obama in an online video. "It's something we can accomplish and something that will train our work force so we can compete with anyone in the world." Senior…

Making college tuition free: Senior fellow Morley Winograd leads national campaign

"It's time to make tuition at our public colleges and universities free and it can be done without increasing the national debt," writes senior fellow Morley Winograd. To make this dream a reality, he founded the nonprofit Redeeming America's Promise (RAP), a national campaign and inter-generational alliance dedicated to making college accessible to all Americans. The RAP website recounts how the organization began: "RAP evolved from discussions that started in in 2013 among a group of former elected officials and policy experts, who wanted to make one more contribution to America's future in their retirement years. As we were coming…

Klein Co-Authors New Paper on Entrepreneurial Journalism Education

CCLP executive in residence Jeffrey S. Klein and visiting CCLP researcher María José Vázquez Schaich published a paper in Observatorio Journal titled "Entrepreneurial journalism education: where are we now?" The study investigated how entrepreneurial skills are taught in journalism schools around the globe, exploring trends in the courses' objectives, the challenges faced by lecturers, and how these pioneering courses are integrated into each school's curriculum. Klein and Vázquez have worked together in the past to write a case study examining the viability of online community news sites. After studying how the fundamental changes in the media industry are forcing…