Glickman in China Daily – Global Food Prices

Our mindset was surpluses," said senior fellow Dan Glickman, a former United States secretary of agriculture. Glickman spoke with China Daily about the decrease in demand for the world's foor staples as well as the ever-rising global food prices. "That has just changed overnight." The recent price spikes have helped cause the largest increases in world hunger in decades….

U.S. must do more for global food security

How do you feed 10 billion people? It is not just a humanitarian question, but a vital U.S. national security imperative. A recent U.N. report projects a 46 percent population increase by 2100. Africa, home to more than a quarter of the world's undernourished people and more than 20 violent conflicts in the past half century, is predicted to more than double its population. We must not only consider how to feed all of these people — but what it means if we can't. Food commodity prices are at record highs, leading to instability in already volatile regions. The Pentagon's…