Journalism entrepreneurship on the hyperlocal level – a case study in community news

“There is a profound crisis taking place in American journalism.” That is the introductory line to the case study being published today by the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy. My coauthor, María Vázquez, and I hope that this case, which focuses on the real life trials and tribulations of a four year old community news web site in a suburb of Los Angeles, will add to the admittedly parse academic literature on what some people call “hyper-local news”. Existing news magazines and newspapers face serious threats to their continued profitability and viability. The future outlook for local…

Wikipedia & The Future of News at AEJMC

At the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication conference in Denver on August 6, 2010, Senior Fellows Adam Clayton Powell III and David Westphal presented their latest findings on "The Future of News". Powell's also released an addition to his 2006 publication, Reinventing Local News, entitled Reinventing Local News: 2010, and is available to read on our blog….

Reinventing Local News: 2010 details how technology and innovation may save local news

While revenues decline for traditional media organizations despite high demand for news and information, technology and innovation may be saving local news, according to Reinventing Local News: 2010, a report released by the University of Southern California's Center on Communication Leadership & Policy at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. In Reinventing Local News: 2010, Adam Clayton Powell III updates his landmark 2006 book Reinventing Local News: Connecting Communities Through New Technologies….

Updates from the War Room

Cinny Kennard and her team of researchers are hard at work preparing their report for the Federal Communications Comission entitled Future of Media & Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age (FOM) . Based in the offices at the CCLP, the team has set up a war room, spending countless hours researching each member's assigned area of focus. Kennard was approached by the FCC for this project, specifically to research the state of television news on commercial broadcast. The FOM project is led by Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the FCC, Steve Waldman….

Nonprofits see a revenue model: universities

The headlines from last month's meeting of investigative reporting profits focused on one thing – their formation of a network to support investigative reporting and provide a showcase for the groups' work. The new organization, for now called the Investigative News Network, could be a big deal, and the 10 members of its steering committee went right to work getting it up and running. But another big theme rumbled through the meeting outside New York City at the Rockefeller estate, and that was the nonprofits' mad dash for new revenue models. "My personal passion is sustainability," said MinnPost CEO Joel…

Nonprofits launch Investigative News Network

A group of investigative reporting nonprofits has endorsed formation of a new umbrella organization aimed at sustaining the burgeoning investigative nonprofit movement and bringing new prominence to its journalism. A resolution, "Pocantico Declaration: Creating a Nonprofit Investigative News Network," was approved Wednesday by a diverse group of nonprofit leaders – established organizations like the Center for Public Integrity and the Center for Investigative Reporting, as well as newcomers like Texas Watchdog and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. The group's mission will be to "aid and abet, in every conceivable way, individually and collectively, the work and public reach…

Investigative network likely to emerge today

Before they head for home Wednesday, about three dozen participants at an investigative reporting summit in New York are likely to launch planning for new organization uniting the growing number of nonprofits producing investigative journalism. The new network, dubbed for now the "Investigative News Network," would be another significant step in the rise of nonprofit investigative journalism in recent years. Chuck Lewis, the godfather of so much in investigative journalism, called the initiative "truly historic." At a conference outside Tarrytown, N.Y., Lewis laid out a possible scenario Tuesday for how the network might take shape. Secure a planning grant that…