White House initiative spotlights CCLP’s research at Johns Hopkins symposium

"Technologies are being used by malicious actors to create illicit networks," CCLP research director Mark Latonero said at a first-of-its-kind symposium on addressing the needs of victims of child sex trafficking. "However," he continued, "the use of such tools leaves digital fingerprints which law enforcement can use to combat criminal activity such as domestic child sex trafficking." Latonero presented research from the CCLP's groundbreaking initiative on Technology & Trafficking at the forum held on May 1-2, 2013 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. The symposium is part of a White House initiative and was hosted by…

Advisory board member Nides nominated to become Deputy Secretary of State

President Barack Obama has nominated CCLP Advisory Board member Thomas Nides, Morgan Stanley's chief operating officer, as deputy secretary of state for management and resources. Nides, 49, has been with Morgan Stanley since 2005. His resume includes a background in politics and public relations, including serving as chief of staff for U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman during his vice-presidential campaign in 2000. If confirmed by the Senate, Nides would replace Jacob Lew, who awaits confirmation as director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Click here for the White House announcement….