State Dept in-house tech R&D lab creates tech camps, virtual internships – and draws interest from Fortune 100 companies

WASHINGTON – The State Department's Office of eDiplomacy, the in-house lab for tech innovation and management, was the focus of the June CCLP Washington DC lunch forum. Richard Boly, who directs the office, said the eDiplomacy initiative has been so successful that major companies from Kimberly Clark to Nike have come to study innovations implemented in the State Department. Noting it took diplomacy centuries to moved from wax-sealed envelopes to the telegraph (he called it diplomatic Disruptive Technology 1.0), Boly said the pace of change has compressed from years into weeks and even days. But that reflects his background in…

Google becomes major worldwide news, information broadcaster

var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; WASHINGTON – Tens of millions of people around the world follow the news on YouTube, according to a report published today by the Pew Research group. For example, Pew reports that in the week after the Japanese tsunami, the top 20 YouTube videos on the disaster were viewed 96 million times. The Pew findings may draw long overdue attention to YouTube and its parent company Google as major forces in global news and information, with audience reach and depth of content that can be compared to CNN, the BBC and Voice of America….

Campaign advertising is now reaching into the voting booth

Photo credit: secretlondon on FlickrWASHINGTON — Political advertising is reaching into polling places and even into the voting booth. That is one of three trends for 2010 campaign advertising identified by Peter Greenberger, Google's head of Public Sector Ad Sales. What's that, you say? Politicking is not allowed within 100 feet of polling places? How quaint. How very 20th century. Once again the law governs atoms, not bits….

Schell article – Google’s China compromise stuns observers

Orville Schell, Senior Fellow is interviewed for the Financial Times regarding China's renewal of its internet content provider license with Google. Earlier this year, Google threatened to pull its services from China if searches from Chinese citizens continued to be censored by the government. Schell believes that this renewal shows a compromise about Google's services has been reached by both parties….

Will YouTube be the Craigslist of TV News?

BOSTON — Watch that space: YouTube video news is here, tailored just for you, featuring news of your microlocal neighborhood, just for you. If you haven't seen it, YouTube News Near You is an automated microlocal news service, with software detecting a your location and matching it with video news stories from that neighborhood. Turn on, tune in, and drop out of the six o'clock local TV news. So far the story selection is pretty limited. Think of YouTube's new local news service as 2009's version of the "Camel News Caravan," NBC's 15-minute nightly newscast of the early 1950's, hop…

The United States of Optimism: Americans have always seen a remarkably sunny future for themselves and their country

The late 1830s and early '40s were a bad time in Missouri and most everyplace else in the U.S. People were broke and in debt after a boom in land speculation along the routes of new canals and railroads. In the bust that followed–what became known as the Panic of 1837–banks failed or cut off credit. One Missourian, a 36-year-old storekeeper and self-educated lawyer with a sick wife (a malaria epidemic had swept the Midwest) announced on a day in 1843 that he wanted to start over in the Oregon Territory: "I am done with this country," he said. "Winters…