Seib in HuffPo – India

"At a conference in New Delhi," writes Faculty Fellow Phil Seib, "Indian diplomats, media executives, business persons, and others examined their country's "Public Diplomacy in the Information Age" and found that their efforts to reach the global public needs more coherence and imagination." Seib attended the conference in December entitled "Public Diplomacy in the Information Age." His findings of the conference can be found in his blog post on the Huffington Post….

Glickman on MSN India about the Green Revolution

Senior Fellow Dan Glickman and agriculture scientist, M.S. Swaminathan headed up a team of researchers who released a report on the Green Industry in India, according to MSN India. The report points out that the true extent of poverty is masked by economic growth in the country and that long term food supplies are running low. These findings show that India could be headed towards a devastating famine if the problem is not properly tackled….

Powell appointed USC’s director of Washington policy initiatives

Adam Clayton Powell III, CCLP Senior Fellow, has been named the University of Southern California's director of Washington policy initiatives. His new position was announced to the USC faculty and staff by the Acting Provost, Elizabeth Garrett on July 2, 2010. In his new position, Powell will work closely with the USC vice provost of global initiatives on a number of important projects, including the USC Africa Initiative and the university's continued efforts in India. He will also assist USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism on strategic initiatives, including important projects focused on communication policy. In addition, Powell will…

For fast, cheap cell phones, go to the Third World

MUMBAI — If you want cheaper, faster, better mobile phone service, many travelers know they should go to Africa or Asia. But the price bar keeps getting lower. For example, here in India, Samsung is marketing a US$37 handset – less than the monthly phone bill most Americans pay. The new phones weigh only two ounces, but they have twelve hours of talk and 650 hours of standby battery power between charges. Or you can listen to FM radio on your phone for 23 hours before you need to recharge….