Reeves Edits New Book on Kennedy Era

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the New York Times has authorized a new book, The Kennedy Years: From the Pages of the New York Times, edited by CCLP Senior Fellow, Richard Reeves. The book draws on the paper's extensive coverage of the Kennedy presidency. Reeves, the author of the bestselling Portraits of Camelot and President Kennedy: Profile of Power, edited this collection of the New York Times' "unsurpassed coverage of the tumultuous Kennedy era which spanned the Civil Rights Movement, the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, the space program,…

Reeves in NewsWorks – Presidential Illnesses

"As candidate and president," wrote Senior Fellow Richard Reeves, "Kennedy concealed his low energy level, radiating health and good humor, though he usually spent more than half of most days in bed." Reeves' words were cited in an article on NewsWorks, which examined the illnesses of presidental candidates from the past and present….

Politicians are Different from You and Me

The current issue of The Week magazine certainly has the right headline: "Hey, Look at Me!" But the picture was not of Congressman Anthony Weiner and his little package. The picture below the headline showed Sarah Palin and her great big Harley-Davidson. She is fully clothed, wrapped in leather actually. "Hey, Look at Me" could be the motto of modern politics, particularly male politicians. The name of the game has always been seduction of individuals, of crowds. That is what politicians do. I've traveled with a lot of them long enough to know that unlike the characters in "Toy Story,"…

Reeves in NYT – Kennedys mini-series – 3

"Presidents are magic," said Senior Fellow Richard Reeves. "They walk into a room, and the air changes, and this one, in our lifetimes, above all." Reeves was quoted in article in the New York Times on the upcoming mini-series entitled The Kennedys that will debut on the Reelz Channel on April 3….

Reeves in NYT – Kennedys mini-series – 2

Presidential biographer and CCLP Senior Fellow Richard Reeves was cited in an article on the New York Times on the upcoming mini-series on the Reelz Channel, The Kennedys. Though the piece is presented as representing true happenings within the White House, Reeves contests some of the events depicted are completely false….

Reeves in Dispatch Politics – Kennedy

According to Senior Fellow Richard Reeves in Dispatch Politics, the inaugural speech by President John F. Kennedy did not change America though "it was a hell of a speech and inspirational to those who heard." Reeves was interviewed for the article that explored the impact of the message that Kennedy's rhetoric had during the tumultuous era of the early 1960s….

Reeves in NYT – Kennedys mini-series

Senior Fellow Richard Reeves, famous for his biographies on the Kennedys, was interviewed by the New York Times about the History Channel's decision to shelve the multi-million dollar mini-series on the family. In the article, Reeves disputes the claims and accuracies of the program, saying that it would blur the lines between historical reenactment and dramatic license, by playing out events on-screen that did not occur in the White House….